Dave Mills Wounded Warrior Interview
04/04/11 - by Steven Winslow

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Wounded Warrior Weekend
April 9th, 2011
American Legion Post 64, Salisbury Maryland

Winslow: Im talking with Dave Mills, one of the organizers of the Wounded Warrior Weekend project for Post 64 in Salisbury, Maryland. Thanks for taking some time to answer some questions Dave.

Dave: Thank you Steve for allowing us this time for this interview.

Winslow: I know you guys had a great 2010, raising enough to bring down quite a few of the veterans from DC for a full weekend of hunting here on the shore. How many vets did you bring down? How did it go? Any interesting stories to tell from the weekend?

Dave: Well Steve we had 5 servicemen slated for that week. 4 showed, one had his unit returning and he felt more compelled to greet them with his new legs while walking across the tarmac at the airport. We received these servicemen on a Wednesday afternoon for a meet and greet session. we all introduced ourselves, had dinner and did some bonding time. On Thursday morning we they sighted in their crossbows did some more bonding time to further get to know each other. Then we broke out some shotguns and shot some skeet. Then broke for lunch. That afternoon we put them in the field to hunt Sika/whitetail deer at two different locations, Wicomico Co. Dorchester Co. That evening after the hunt we all assembled at Millie's in Vienna for dinner and conversation at what had conspired at the hunt for each. Friday they hunted all day with great success. By now all had harvested their intended targets. That evening we went to post 218 Dor-Wic American Legion for dinner. Saturday morning,breakfast was at the Golden Corral in Salisbury. After eating off on a Dove hunt supplied by Mark Marshall. That evening the American Legion became host to the first annual Wounded Warrior Weekend. At the banquet they were recognized for their service with great gratitude. They were also presented with a congressional citation from U.S. senator Frank Kratovil D-MD. The night followed with music and story swapping. Well there are alot of stories, hopefully people will come out and attend this year and we can make new stories.

Winslow: It looks like this year is going to be another big year for you guys, the first event is on April 9th at the American Legion Post 64 in Salisbury. Can you tell us some of what you have planned for that one?

Dave: On April 9th, we are planning our 2nd annual bike show. In addition to that we are also doing a car show at the same time. We felt that this may boost attendance. There will be live entertainment, food vendors, Veteran Affairs representatives, games prizes and a couple of special guests from Walter Reid Medical Center. This is our first official fundraiser of the year. This program is funded entirely from the community , American Legions and other clubs from around the shore. So folks I am asking you to come out and support this program. This is not only to veterans but to all that enjoy freedom thanks to these wounded warriors that put it on the line each and everyday. This could be the way you could pay it back. You would not believe how much a handshake and a thank you would be appreciated. So come out and make this year as much a success as last year.

Winslow: Im sure it will be just as awesome as last year! Do you plan on having trophies for the bike and car shows? Any hints on the special guests? Ive gotten to meet some realy cool people at some of there events. What kind of games do you plan on having? Im a sucker for the slow ride, barrel roll and all those kinds of games!

Dave: Yes we will have trophies.Some of the warriors will be our guests.Bike games and games that do not require a bike.So come on out and have a good time for a good cause.

Winslow: What other events do you guys have coming up? Are you still looking for sponsers and vendors? How would they get ahold of you?

Dave: We are having a Crab feast July 30th 1-5 at the American Legion in Salisbury. Crabs,Hamburgers,hotdogs,bbq pig,corn on the cob, beer and sodas. Music, 50/50 . Tickets on sale now 30.00 per person available at Post 64 Salisbury American Legion/ Post 218 Sharptown American Legion. Get your tickets now we only have a certain amount to go around. Or call for reservation 410-749-9814 Carol Nicholson Club Manger. We are still looking for vendors and sponsors. Anyone who is interested can call me at 410-749-6711. I would like to thank you for this opportunity to speak with you and your followers. Hope to see you there. This is one way of giving back to those who gave so much.

Winslow: How true! I dont think we could ever do enough to thank these guys, that is for sure! We'll get you listed on the calendar here shortly for the crab feast, sounds like a great time!

Dave: Thank you very much. Hope to see everyone Saturday April 9, 2011.

Interview by Steven Winlsow

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