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Federalsburg VFW 06/20 Bike Show Preview
06/10/09 - by Steven Winslow
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You can bet I will be there!

TONS of Customs!

Everyone who is anyone comes out!

The Burnout Pit is always a crowd fav!

TONS of Trophies in all classes!

Live bands and DJs all day!

Winslow: Im talking with Russell, the main man over at the Federalsburg VFW! They have thier big yearly event coming up June 20th. Federalsburg always puts on one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST bike event of the summer! Hey Russell, thanks for taking the time to talk to me...

Russell: Thanks Steve, appreciate you taking time to talk to me.

Winslow: How many bikes did we have at the show last year Russell?

Russell: 1885 bikes came out last year.

Winslow: 1885? Wow, thats awesome! What are we shooting for this year?

Russell: Over 2000.

Winslow: Over 2000? Awesome! How much is the VFW shooting to raise this year?

Russell: $100,000. Were trying to raise $100,000 for the troops who come back from Afghanistan or Iraq crippled or maimed, help them out, we are trying to buy them arms and legs.

Winslow: Deffinately a worthy cause. We need to show our support for those who support us and keep us free.

Russell: We have 72 soldiers coming in to the event from Perry Point, Walter Reid, also from Delaware. They will be riding in on a bus at 12 noon. We hope we have a crowd there, all waving American Flags and welcoming them. We hope to line the driveway all the way down to the road, everyone cheering and waving American Flags.

Winslow: That would be too cool!

Russell: When they get there, we will escort them to the pavilion, at which time Bird Dog and the Road Kings will play the National Anthem. At aproximately 3pm, we are going to present the troops with a check. Just before that Senator Kratovil who is on the Armed Forces Committee will give a short speech. He will them lead the crowd into the Pledge of Allegiance. Then Bird Dog and the Road Kings will perform God Bless America.

Winslow: Awesome.

Russell: Its going to be a very touching and moving thing I beleive.

Winslow: No doubt. Im very excited to be a part of this, just like every year.

Russell: We are going to have alot more vendors this year than we have had in previous years. With the economy and everything going on, we have reduced the bike show from $15 to $10 and entry to the event will be $5. I beleive all beer will be $2.

Winslow: Wow.

Russell: I think all food will be $2. So with the bad times going on, we are trying to make it easier for everyone to have a good time. We got a load of vendors coming. We are going to try to get all of our vendors around the pavilion, make it so everyone is a part of the event. Its going to be an awesome event I beleive.

Winslow: I beleive so too! Federalsburg VFW is ALWAYS one of the big events of the year, one of my favorites, you guys are top notch always put on a great show and make it a memorable day for everyone. Its honor to be a vendor at the event.

Russell: This is my last year as chairman, we are going to get some new blood in next year, some new ideas, let the newer guys have a crack at it.

Winslow: Well, Russell you have always done a great job in the years I have done the event, and its always an honor to work with you and everyone at the Federalsburg VFW. Well, you are going out with a bang, $100,000 will be something.

Russell: Thats our goal. We hope everyone who comes out will chip in and help us make that or even more. Im persoanlly challenging every person and business there to step up to the plate and match me chipping in $10. Not much, but match me. That could add up to help us. Whats that compared to someone who needs an arm or leg and fought for country?

Winslow: Sure. It could add up.

Russell: If you cant afford $10, put in $5 or $2 or whatever you can. Its not a set amount, we just want to see as many chip in as can. We want to come to the aid of those who lost loved ones or friends or whatever else. Its not much for one person, but we get everyone chipping in we can and will make a difference. Its all about them.

Winslow: Awesome. Sounds great, some really big plans.

Russell: Thats our goal. We hope to get at least close to it.

Winslow: Are you raffling bike again this year?

Russell: We are raffling a bike and every hour we are giving away $500. At 5pm we are giving away $1000.

Winslow: Oh wow, thats new this year! Too cool! Are you still looking for vendors?

Russell: Always looking for vendors. Vendors are free, we take them right up to the last minute. We ask that everyone be there by 10am, first come first served for the best spots. They must be setup and ready to go at 11.

Winslow: June 20th is the date, noon to 5pm, $5 admission, $10 to get in the bike show, trying to raise $100,000 for our troops from Afghanistan. This is always one of my favorites, the people are great, the event is rockin, we usually get just about every biker on Delmarva over, its very cool. So no ifs ands or buts, BE THERE!

Interview by Steven Winlsow

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