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MD Red Knights 2 President Luke Interview
08/11/08 - by Steven Winslow
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The MDRK2 Logo...

Stand up for something or fall for anything. - Marty Schultz

Winslow: On the Eastern Shore, ask any biker to name a motorcycle group that is involved and truly makes a difference, and quite a few will answer the Maryland Red Knights organization. RKMD3 does alot of events in the Berlin / OC area, but there is also a new chapter based around the Easton area. They are RKMD2, and their president is Luke. Hey Luke, thanks for doing this interview with us!

Luke: Thank you...Wins; for giving us the opportunity to get the word out. We now have a Midshore Red Knights Maryland Chapter 2.

Winslow: Tell us about RKMD2, what is your area of operation, what do you guys do, where do you meet, who are the members...

Luke: Our Chapter was created on May 20th of this year in Easton, Maryland. We started the Chapter with 15 local members of Maryland Chapter 3 in Ocean City. The intention of starting the Chapter is to get more involved with the MidShore area of Delmarva. Now, there are three Chapters in Maryland and three Chapters in Delaware. Our Chapter territory will cover Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Anne counties in Maryland and Kent county in Delaware. We intend to get more involved with the community in these areas, as our club grows. All of the members of the Red Knights International Motorcycle Clubs are paid or volunteer firefighters that enjoy riding motorcycles to promote safety and education. The money that we raise at our functions and events will be put back into the community. We have been meeting on the second Sunday of every month at the American Legion Post # 70, in Easton.

Winslow: Firefighters have always been one of THE most giving groups I have ever known! Im sure you guys will do great! If there is a firefighter out there that is interested in joining, how do they get ahold of you? Do you have an email address that you would like to publish?

Luke: By all means yes!!! Until we get our website up and running they can contact me by email and I will email an application back to them. We accept any firefighter with a valid motorcycle license. They can be active, retired, career, paid, volunteer or industrial. Yes, even industrial...meaning if you are a member of a First Responder/Fire Brigade Squad or Team where you work, you qualify as a Industrial Firefighter. Anyone that is interest can contact me at my email address boozeluke@aol.com for an application.

Winslow: You have some pretty cool sounding events coming up in August. Can you tell us about what you have planned?

Luke: We really have two events in August. The first will be on the 16th, we have made arrangements to help Matt with his Open House at CTM Customs. We are working with Matt on a continuous basis to get everything done. As soon as we get the flyer I will shoot you a copy so you can post this on your calendar.

Winslow: Wow, that sounds awesome! Where is CTM Located? Are they in Easton as well? Any more details on what will be happening there?

Luke: Not many people know where CTM Customs is now. Matt moved to a shop in the Industrial Park a couple years ago and it has mainly been a word-of-mouth thing. This is going to be his second Open House and it is getting bigger each year. Everything is still in the works but Matt will have the Beer Wagon there with Cancun Cantina server, he is trying to get band lined up from North Carolina. Our Chapter will be there selling 50/50 tickets and helping Matt with anything and everything. Once we finalize everything we will add it to the flyer and send it to you. To get to CTM Customs from Route 50 in Easton turn on Route 331 (Preston Road) at the next light make a right on Industrial Park Road. Go all the way to the end of the Industrial Park (past Celeste and Budwieser) make a left through the chain link fence (if it is open). Matt and CTM Customs is at the end of the building on the right-hand side.

Winslow: Nice! Tell us about the event on the 23rd.

Luke: The second event is the following Saturday on the 23rd. The 1st Annual End of Summer Biker Bash and Block Party will be at the Holy Mackerel restaurant in St. Michaels. It started out as a small meet and greet for local bikers, mainly to introduce Holy Mackerel as a Biker friendly hang-out & hot-spot. (They do have great food and drinks at a reasonable price!) Then Bird Dog & The Roadkings got on board we decided to add a short Poker Run just in Talbot county. Then we asked John from Midshore Abate Chapter if his group would like to do a Bike Show and bring their Burn-Out pit. From there it snowballed to add some Vendors and two more local bands to continue playing, after Bird Dog. The main plan is for everyone to come have some FUN!!!

Winslow: SE and I are very excited to be a part of this! You have to tell John Riggio I said BIKE CONTESTS!! *LOL* Who is the event for?

Luke: We are very happy to have you and SE attend as Vendors. I will ask John if he wants to do a RIGGIO'S BIKE CONTEST *LMAO* I really think this is going to be one of the great get-together's. We hope for a great turn out, most of the proceeds will go to the American Legion Post # 70, in Easton. We will have three separate 50/50 drawings, one for the American Legion, one for the Red Knights and one for Midshore Abate. The Red Knights will also do some raffle drawings.

Winslow: We are certainly going to try to help put the word out! Im sure it will be a great event! Add us to your mailing list and keep us posted onwhat you guys are up to. Its always great to see biker groups getting together for great causes, and the MD Red Knights are one of the best! Keep on keepin on bro!

Luke: Thank you so much, Wins!!! I am looking forward to riding and working with you, SE and all of the members of Delmarvabikers.com. You do have an awesome site that everyone on delmarva relies on for up-to-date info, pictures and Happenings for all bikers. Keep the rubber down and the shiny side up on that ol' triumph...Talk to you real soon, Bro.

Lisa and I will be showing the RACETRACKOC.COM trailer and hanging out getting pics of all that happens on St Micheals, so be sure to come on out the 23rd! The 16th will be the CTM Customs open house in Easton, so be sure to stop by there as well! The Maryland Red Knights are one of the most active giving groups of bikers you will ever encounter! From helping unfortunate people with burnout funds to supporting our troops overseas and everything in between please join us in supporting the MD Red Knights and all they do!

Article By Steven WInslow

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