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Denny of Wing Transport Interview
07/27/08 - by Steven Winslow
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Denny and Jen with Dennys Borget Chopper

The WingTransport Rig!

Jen of WingTransport

Winslow: One of the cool new ideas Ive seen for bikers in recent years is transport companies. Instead of killing yourself and possibly your bike riding to events that may be 500, 1000 or more miles away, you can have your bike taken there in a trailer by a proffesional transporter. Instead of being burned out from so many miles and missing a huge chunk of your vacation resting up, you arrive fresh and ready to go, with your bike there waiting for you! Too cool! Here at Delmarvabikers.com, we were honored recently to sign WingTransport as a sponser. Hey Denny, thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

Denny: My pleasure and Thank You. I started this buisness after seeing how many of us couldnt make it to events because of time, money and weather. Having rode to most all the big events myself, I knew how much vacation time and money I spent just trying to get there and back. We have been doing this for over twelve years now for buisnesses, clubs and individuals. It has been great for us and we have have been well received by our customers.

Winslow: Tell us some about your rig and what its capabilities are. If I had say a group that wanted to go somewhere and have you meet us with our bikes, how many could you handle? Can you carry anything other than bikes? How about misc gear like backpacks and so forth, can you handle that as well?

Denny: We can safley carry up to fourteen bikes in our trailer. We use only enclosed race trailers with dedicated chocks and soft ties for each bike. I suggest to our customers that they pack there bike before we load so they do not have to travel with extra bags, just sunglasses and anticipation of a good time. We move mostly Bikes and some Exotic cars. We have been moving bikes for Big-Dog, D.C. Cruisers, Stone Cycles, Ect and lots of riders that have found out about us. We will handle everyhing from pick-ups for sales, service or deliveries of Bikes or Custom cars. We have a smaller custom show trailer we use for single or double moves or as a chase trailer for longer rides.

Winslow: What is your area of operation? You advertize for the big events like Laconia, Sturgis and Daytona, where else have and would you go? On events like these, do you stay in the area or do you leave and come back? What if someone breaks down or it rains and they need to put thier bike somewhere for part of the event?

Denny: We try and cover all the big national events as well as some of the regional events. We will go to any event our customers have intrest in attending. We always try and stay as close to the event and the airport for our customers convience. I think it is great to be able to fly in to any event and have your bike there fresh and safe waiting on you. When your ready to go just bring bring your bike back to us and we will deliver it back to you a couple days after the event. You may pick up or drop off your bike anytime during the event. We have a few customers who only attend big events for a few days then bring us back there bikes and fly home. We try to work with everyone of our customers to provide a real quality service that they can depend on.

Winslow: I often see your wife and daughter helping out at events. I guess Wing is really a family business. Do you guys all go together to all of the events?

Denny: Yes, Wing Transport is a family run buisness. At least two of us cover each event. As much as possible we try to go together to these events and rallys as we are all riders too.

Winslow: The WingTransport rig has been seen at alot of events recently, where are you guys going to be next? By the way, I was very much impressed with your charitable efforts. I wanted to win that trip at Choppers on the Choptank, but man... Well, you cant bid more than you have, huh? *LOL* Its all good, and in the biker spirit we see so much here on Delmarva...

Denny: The next Event for us is Sturgis Bike Week. We have a full trailer and are looking forward to a great time. Check the Web-site www.WingTransport.com for updates as to where we will be and upcoming events. We have really tried to be at as many local events as posible this year. It has been good for us meeting new people and showing what we offer. Not to mention we have had a good time doing them.

Winslow: What is the best way for people get ahold of you?

Denny: Please check our website www.WingTranaport.com or feel free to call us anytime.

Winslow: Thanks man! Be sure to be on the lookout for the WingTransport trailer at local events. Denny and the entire WingTransport crew are very friendly, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

Article By Steven WInslow

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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