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Twin Iron Customs Moves into New Home
03/01/08 - by Steven Winslow
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Bob Wolfe in his new home.

Loads of cool biker shhhtuf!

TIC now has Nitrogen available!

Loads of trophies on display...

I really dont know whats going on, but it just seems like this winter is draaaaging onnnn way too long... Ive been moping around the bear cave, trying to take care of business and not get too bummed out about the weeks we still have ahead of us till spring. I know, I know, there have been a few nice days here and there, but my Sportie is storaged and I dont want to pull it out until the wather seems well on its way to being nice. Thats why it was such a joy to hear from old friends Norma and Bob Wolfe of Twin Iron Customs!

Back last winter, Bob had told me of thier plans to move. Seems the old shop on Rt 50 had outlived its purpose and Bob was looking to expand. I had hoped to help with the move, get some pics and the low down on the new place, but circumstances conspired against. Anyway, I paid them a visit last Thursday, got some pics and the full story on thier plans for the future...

For starters, the new shop is located about a 1/2 mile North East of Rt 50. Heading North on 50 out of Easton, you turn right at the Bob Evans and you cant miss it. TIC's disctinctive trailer is parked right out front! The sign is up, and all of the cool window dressing you expect in a down home biker shop is right there as well!

The new shop is located at 9180 Chapel Rd in a much larger building than the old one. There is a front office for business as usual, and an open air display area for all of those hard to get Biker Goodies TIC is well known for stocking. The display area opens right into the shop, where TIC has loads of room to take care of any and all Biker needs. Bob and company now have at least 6 lifts setup and ready. They have also added Nitrogen for innert tire filling in addition to everything they need to build those Mild to Wild Customs they are so well known for.

Speaking of wild... I got a sneak peak at the new chopper Bob is building for Johnny Johnston of Cambridge Motorsports. I can sum it all up in one word... WOW! This bike is going to give all the customs in the area a run for thier money in the Viewers Choice awards!!! I did mange to sneak a few shots on the condition we hold them back till the bike is ready, hehehe. By the looks of things, that should be very soon. Bob and Johnny are pushing to have the bike ready for Myrtle Beach. I hope to have a publishable picture set right around then.

Another interesting news item from TIC, they have added a new person to thier shop. An old friend of ours from way back when Delmarvabikers.com got started, Robert Windsor has joined up with Bob and Company! Robert was one of the very first people we met on our delmarvabiker adventure, and its always been a joy to hang out with him and see his work. Bob and Robert have been good friends forever, so Im sure this will be one great colaberation! Beleive me, if I hit the lottery, they will be my first stop!

Plans are now in the works for a Grand Opening Party, and I have Bob and Norma's word that we will be the first to know! He plans on having a good ole fashioned biker party, complete with food and drink, music, drawings, you name it! This is one party I dont plan on missing! (Maybe I can even talk Bob into letting us bring up the delmarvabikers.com trailer for the event!) For the time being, TIC is raffling off a pair of Dunlop tires. The raffle is 100% free, all you have to do is stop by the shop to sign up and get in your entry!

by Steven Winslow

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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