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George Jackson 08
01/20/08 - by Steven Winslow
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Dave Barry, a seabee, showing off a George Jackson Scroll...

Christmas overseas with a scroll from George Jackson...

Christmas overseas with a scroll from George Jackson...

Christmas overseas with a scroll from George Jackson...

Christmas overseas with a scroll from George Jackson...

Some more from our good friend and the original Scrolls for Troops guy, George Jackson! Seems he will be out and about this year with his scrolls for troops! Be sure to check him out and sign his scrolls.


I was just getting ready to leave for the food lion store at Denton with the 2 scrolls for US Marines in Afghanistan, and the scroll for Australian Troops in deployed South East Afghanistan, when this e-mail arrived. Thank You all so much for letting the signers know where to sign the scrolls at sometime a moments notice.

George Jackson
American Corner, Maryland

Begin forwarded message:

From: David Barry
Date: January 22, 2008 10:48:03 AM EST
To: acturnip@intercom.netVSubject: Scrolls

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jackson

I want to apologize for this taking so long to write to you. I just want to let you know how much the scroll you sent me means to me. The days here are long and very tiring. The Seabees have alot of construction projects that are in high demand, and we have tight schedules. There's also along list of them! Sometimes it seems like it will never end. I cannot believe we are more then halfway through our deployment. I hate to say that because I know that other people have to stay a lot longer. Guess I just got lucky. When I was in high school, I couldnt wait to get off the shore. But when I received the scroll that everyone had signed, it really made me realize that there is no place like the Eastern Shore, especially the people who live there and how much they care. I want to thank you for all the time and effort that you put into the scrolls. They really mean a lot to us, especially on those days when you think everyone's forgot about you and it feels like you will never get out of theater. Thank you again for thinking of us over here and God Bless!

Dave Barry


Good morning again, Steve:

I will be at the Food Lion Store at Denton, Maryland today from NOON until 5 p.m. with the scrolls inside of the store. I will be starting an extra scroll today, it is a Thank You scroll for the 900 Australian Troops in South Central Afghanistan. I will get the Australian scroll signed along with the 2 scrolls for US Marines in Afghanistan until April. I have got to travel and set up my tables a lot between now and April to fill the 3 scrolls.

Have a great day, Sir.

George Jackson
American Corner, Maryland.


Good morning,

It was a small scroll, but WOW, - It made for a big picture on a movie screen in Iraq.

Attached are 2 of 3 photos that I received this weekend of what was done with the Christmas scroll that I gathered messages on for a Soldier named Freddy who is deployed in Iraq with the US Army. I did not know that freddy had been deployed back to Iraq until the Christmas scroll drive was nearly over. His scroll is a small scroll because I only had several scroll signing stops left when I began it. I began Freddy's scroll at the Veterans program at Federalsburg Elementary School and brought it back there later that week so that all of the students could sign it and the other scrolls that were not complete yet. Besides Freddy's scroll being signed at Federalsburg Elementary, the scroll was also then signed at Greensboro Elementary, Ridgely Elementary, and at Preston Elementary during Santa Claus's annual evening visit to Preston Elementary School - at Preston the scroll was signed by the students and the parents attending Santas visit.

Also, here is a copy and paste in QUOTES of a portion of Freddy's e-mail note from Iraq, that he had the photos attached to:


...I really didn't know what to do with it, until one of my friends suggested to put it up on our movie screen webuilt when we arrive at our base. Sorry I had to cut it every 20 feet in order to fit our screen. Here are somepictures of the Christmas Scroll I took on the 23 of December. The guys had a blast reading what's on the children's mind!! One little boy wrote "Beat them, Beat them Bad" I thought that was so funny. I hope you all had a wonder Christmas and A Happy New Year!! Again thank you so much for thinking of ushere in Iraq. Gob Bless you and Take Care. Bye bye for now.



( I've began my 14th annual scroll drive by gathering messages on 2 scrolls for US Marines deploying to Afghanistan in April, and for US Marines already deployed there. At one of my scroll signing stops this week it was very cold and windy, people still stopped and wrote messages on the scrolls with my markers that were nearly froze.)

Thank you to all of the scroll signers.


George Jackson
American Corner, Maryland

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