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Travis Daum Motocross 07
10/23/07 - by Sweet Emotion
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Race Day!

Race Day!

Race Day!

Race Day!

Article By Sweet Emotion

Through the time I have been a part of Delmarvabikers and the biker community, I have attended many biker events and experienced a few different types of biking. One that has really peaked my interests is Motocross Racing. As many delmarvabikers readers know, I spend a lot of time at Williamsburg Motor Works. While hanging out with Mr. Bill at his shop, I met Travis Daum; a very interesting guy and a very talented Motocross racer. During the afternoon gab sessions, (lol) I was able to gain a little more insight to the sport of Motocross, which intrigued my curiosity of the sport even more!

Sunday, October 21 I attended my first Motocross Race at the Delmarva Motorsports Park in Seaford, Delaware. I absolutely loved it and the talent on the track was amazing! I had already seen Travis practice on his course at his house and seeing him in competition certainly confirmed just how talented he is. He races in the Collegeboy class, and on Sunday raced two races finishing 3rd in the first race and 2nd in the second race. When I got home I looked up Travisís season on the Association website. Now keep in mind, I am still somewhat confused when reading the standings and overall points, etc. but to the best of my knowledge, Travis finished 2nd in his class and 3rd in total points with 960 for the season. Which I think is pretty awesome considering the misfortune he had early in the season. Some bums broke into his garage and stole all three of his bikes. The one he is riding now is a new one, but from what I saw Sunday, he is adapting very well!

I thought it would be cool to share my interest in this sport with the delmarvabikers readers; so I asked Travis if he would answer a few questions about Motocross Racing and himself for me. He was kind enough to agree to do this. I hope all reading enjoys!

SE: Can you tell those of us that do not know a lot about Motocross Racing a little about it and how it works? (Points; standings; classes?)

Travis: Well first points are given out every race depending on your finish. You want to try and get the most amount of points you can. There are a lot of different classes they range from 50s to 450s. Ages 4 until how ever old you want to be.

SE: Can anyone just sign up and race or are there certain qualifications required?

Travis: In armature yes, anyone can come and sign up.

SE: Does a racer have to be a member of a team or an Association to race?

Travis: It depends how serious you are. You can make a team and/or join an association.

SE: Does Motocross racing have sponsors? How about the racers? If so what/who are the main sponsors of Motocross Racing?

Travis: The racers have to go out and explain to people why they are better then all the other racers. Itís just like trying to find a job.

SE: How do weather conditions affect the race? Are there certain weather conditions that cancel the race?

Travis: Most of the time itís rain or shine! If there is lightning then they will stop.

Now, more on the personal side:

SE: What was it that "sparked" your interest in Motocross Racing?

Travis: I started riding when I was 7 and just always wanted to race.

SE: Do you race for a team and/or an association?

Travis: Middle Atlantic Motocross Association.

SE: What kind of motorbike do you race?

Travis: KXF 250

SE: Did you race when you were younger? How old were you and tell us about your early racing experiences.

Travis: I started racing when I was about 10. My first couple races I realized that I loved doing this sport.

SE: What is your first memorable moment that involves Motocross Racing?

Travis: My first, first place. I won both of my classes (125B and Schoolboy)

SE: Who was your biggest enabler that helped you get your first motorbike?

Travis: My dad

SE: Have you ever been involved in other forms of motorized competition/racing? (cars, ATV's, boats)

Travis: No

SE: How big of an impact has your family had on your Motocross Racing career?

Travis: A very big one. You can't do it by your self. I need all the support i can get.

SE: How did you do in your first Motocross race? How did you feel right before the race started? (Nervous; anxious; scared)

Travis: My first race was not to fun. I was really scared but also I wanted to do well. When the race was over i realized it was not as bad as I worked it up to be, but I finished last.

SE: What is your favorite track to race on and why? The worst?

Travis: Hard Rock in Florida; big jumps and fast corners. There really is not a bad track just different layouts.

SE: How do you physically prepare for a race? Mentally?

Travis: Physically, I put on all my gear and do a quick check over my bike. Like make sure bolts are tight, have enough gas, and lube the chain. Mentally, I just think about winning and try to never think negative.

SE: Have you ever raced against female Motocross racers?

Travis: Yes, they are a big part of motocross.

SE: How important do you feel practice is for Motocross racers?

Travis: It is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your self.

SE: Do you practice? How often and what do you focus on most while practicing?

Travis: Yes. I would like to practice everyday but with school and work it is hard. When I ride, I focus on what I messed up on in my last race.

SE: If you could own any one motorcycle (street or dirt) and money was no object, what would it be and why?

Travis: My bike. I just love the way i have it set up.

SE: I am sure Motocross racers have a few "Motocross heros"; who are the racers that you admire and have followed over the years?

Travis: I would have to say Ricky Charmichael. I just hope i can do as well as him and just have fun.

SE: If you could thank one person that has had a large impact on your Motocross Racing career, who would that be and why?

Travis: There is not any one person, there are many people. First would have to be my mom and dad for just so much support. My brother has helped me out a lot, my girlfriend is at all my races cheering me on and always there if i do bad or mess up. My grand parents for helping out with bikes and gear. Bill Kennedy for helping with parts and supporting me. Brad he builds my track and motivates me. The list goes on and on.

SE: What advice/tips would you give to a new racer?

Travis: Live your dream and never give up.

SE: What are you plans with Motocross Racing for the next upcoming year?

Travis: To go Loretta Lynn's and I really want to get my pro card.

SE: Thanks to Travis for taking the time to answer these for me. I know I have a huge interest in Motocross Racing and hopefully those reading this will have a new outlook and more understanding of Motocross and his career. Hopefully we will see Travis on racing pro very soon!!

Article by Sweet Emotion

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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