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George Jackson Update
09/25/07 - by Steven Winslow
Click on image for full size PopUp.

George handing off the scrolls for shipment...

Happy postal workers... *LOL*

Scrolls at the Shorebirds Stadium.

Donnie and Diane after having signed the scrolls.

More people signing at WSW Federalsburg...

Georges setup! Be sure to watch out for him!

Article By Steven Winslow

Good morning, Ben, at The Daily Times of Salisbury, Maryland:

Attached is a photo (photo# DCP_4751.) of people adding messages to the scrolls friday night during their final signing stop at St. Michaels, Maryland. Also attached is a photo (Photo #DCP_4758.) of 5 scrolls that are now on the way to Iraq from the Preston, Maryland, U.S. Post Office Yesterday, Saturday, 9/22/07, Debbie Alvey is the Postal Employee in the photo..

One Scroll went to US Marines in Iraq, One scroll went to the aircraft carrier - USS Nimitz, One Scroll went to US Air Force SSgt. Michael A. Knott in Iraq, and 2 scrolls went to Maryland National Guard Troops deployed in Iraq. Total number of scrolls mailed yesterday: 5. Each scroll contains hundreds of feet morale boosting messages, and took months to complete. In the Salisbury area I had them at The Centre At Salisbury on May 12th, (Thank You to ALANE EMERSON for inviting me to bring the scrolls into The Centre At Salisbury for YEARS, and also, Thank You to KATIE LUCKSHO at The Centre At Salisbury for helping with the scroll visits in recent years. Photo #DCP_3985 Scrolls The Centre At Salisbury on 5/12/07.) and at the Shore Birds Game on July 3rd. (PHOTO # DCP_4296 is of the scrolls being signed at the Shore Birds Game July 3rd 2007.). I also carried the scrolls to Westminster, Maryland on Saturday, September 8th, where a lot of wonderful people added alot of morale boosting messages to the sctrolls. The scrolls were also signed at the Federalsburg, Maryland, VFW on September 9th. Photo # DCP_4691 and Photo# DCP_4692. - (Thank You to Shelly Abbott for inviting me to bring the scrolls to the Federlsburg, Maryland VFW on September 9th. And Thank You to Steven Winslow for letting many people know where to find the scrolls for signing on his website, DELMARVABIKERS.COM)

I also carried the scrolls to many other locations, I wish I could list all of the stops.

I will hand the scroll for the United States Coast Guard Base in Antarctica to the USCG Command Master Chief for the Atlantic area on 9/29/07 at the crab feast at American Legion Post 70 at Easton, Maryland. The crab feast will be the first stop for my 13th annual Christmas Scroll drive for deployed U.S. Troops, - all five branches of the Military.

I've also attached photo number DCP_4757, from left to right in the photo is me, - Cathy Knott holding on to the end of the scroll that is going to her son SSgt. Michael A. Knott - who is serving with the US Air Force in Iraq, and Debbie Alvey of the Preston, Maryland branch of the U.S. Post Office. My wife Shirley took the photos at Preston, Maryland. I took the photos at St. Michaels, Federalsburg, and Salisbury.

Thank You, to all of the signers.


George Jackson

American Corner, Maryland

C.C.: Alane Emerson at The Centre At Salisbury, Katie Lucksho at The Centre At Salisbury, Shelly Abbott, and Steven Winslow at DELMARVABIKERS.COM.

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