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Delmarvas 3rd Weekend of Sept
09/20/07 - by Steven Winslow
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Hangin at the Atlantic!

The lot nearly full!

Lisa and I checkin out a new Chopper!

Makin new friends!

Yep! The burnout pit was smokin!

Article By Steven WInslow

Gee, maybe this year it wont be Delmarva Rainweek! : Overheard at the Atlantic Hotel

Ahhh yessss! Unlike last year, this years event had the promise of - and for the most part delivery of - good weather! This brought out the bikes in droves, with O Town fully packed from about Wednesday on... Our original plans were to come down on Saturday and spend the night with some friends at a campground just south of the big doings... But, as we know, plans are made to be broken so when my sister called on Thursday and invited us to stay at her condo down on Talbot street how could we refuse?!?! A chance to stay down in the center of everything? WOOHOO!!

Sweet Emotion and I headed down late Friday afternoon under threatening skies and parked the bike in the Atlantic parking lot... It was crowded as expected with loads of bikes and people! Not having to drive, I actually got a chance to enjoy a few beers at the event, which was way nice! We took some pictures and just enjoyed the night.

Once we ran into sis, it was all pretty much over! We got pretty well tuned up and did some hanging at the burnout pit. I managed a few videos and some excellent crowd shots. After a bit, we headed up front to check out the band and do some dancing...

Thats when it happened... I was standing right behind someone (wont say WHO) shooting some video of the band and people enjoying the night. All of a sudden, an elbow flew up in front of me and caught the camera! The thing did a serious spin through the air and landed a few feet away. Needless to say, its now time for me to look for ANOTHER camera... Ive now killed 3 cameras in the last 2 years! I guess they last about 9 months, then its time for a new one! *LOL*

Saturday we slept in a bit, but finally went out for a ride about town. We were going to try to make it to the track, but the traffic was just too insane. A mile backup? No thanks, Im sure it was cool out at the track, but not that cool. Maybe next year. We did checkout OC Harley Davidson out on 50 then a backroads ride to Dr Unks.

Saturday night we met up with my sis and neice, did dinner and then checked out Walter J at Coins! Those guys were really pulling out all the stops and it would have been great to see them at the Atlantic, but you never know about those things. Anyway, after a bit we headed downtown and checked it out down there. I guess we spent most of the night at The Cork bar drinking my new fav Yagger Bombs. Dam, does that mean Im a yuppie now? *LOL* We managed to get those coveted seats right by the railing and spent the night getting hammered there!

After blowing through about double our original budget, Sunday morning was pretty sedate... We headed back pretty early and spent the rest of the day lounging.

A few days after the weekend, I did hear something a little worriesome. Seems that a cetain local group who claims copyright to a common name for the weekend event decided to enage in some enforcement. Ok, thats cool, you guys put alot into the event. I remember going years ago when it was held out at Whalley campground and maybe 150 people showed up. You guys stuck with it, brought in more and bigger attractions and made it what it is today.

Awesome work, you should be proud!

But suing people over copyrights to the common name for an event kinda begs a question...

What was the motivating factor in creating the event? Make money? Just have some fun doing it? Get together with friends? Bragging rights? Personally, I like to think that the whole biker thing is about a little bit more than just making money. How about you? Oh well, to make sure that there are no issues with us, we do not use D** B** W** in any of our material. Id take this a bit lighter, but in our sue happy world seeing corporate bikers sueing vendors trying to make a buck... Well, gotta tred lightly I guess.

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