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Gettysburg BikeWeek 07
07/15/07 - by Sweet Emotion
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Our hosts, PJ and Linda

Hangin out on Lincoln Square...

Makin new friends at ORourkes

At The Pike, these strange plumes of smoke kept sprouting up...

The view from Little Round Top...

Gotta love the burnout Pit!

Whats a Parade withoput the Bud Wagon and Horses?

WOW WHat a Bike! : Sweet Emotion every 3 or 4 minutes while in Gettysburg...

I can describe my entire Gettysburg Bike Week trip with one word… WOW!! From the ride to Gettysburg, all the way through the ride home, I had a great time. This was the longest bike trip I have been on; and I don’t care what anyone says, Winslow’s 100 mile gas tank on his bike is perfect!!

Before I go any further, I want to say a big thank you to P.J. and Linda; our generous hosts for the weekend. Being the *Bike Week Veterans* they are, they knew all the things of interest to take us too. The Battlefields are a must do and truly awesome. P.J. and Linda are a world of knowledge, which helped me truly appreciate what I was looking at.

Wins and I were on the road I’d say by 1:30 p.m. Friday, arriving in Gettysburg around 5:30 p.m. We met up with P.J. and Linda, freshened up and hit the road. We all went to eat then to a cool pub on the Square. Taking a minute to sit back and watch the people is always cool. Everywhere I looked there were BIKES! I am pretty sure my company got tired of hearing me say, *look at that bike*, *that’s’ a nice bike*. HaHa. After spending some time with P.J. and Linda, Wins and I took off to explore the town. We went to a great little Irish Pub, O’Rourke’s, where we met a great couple. Then we headed to a wild spot, The Pike. This place was just one huge biker party. Beer flowing, bands playing and a few awesome burn-outs in the parking lot. I had a great time here!!

Saturday we were up and on the road early. We ate breakfast at a very biker friendly place, The Lincoln Diner. The off to the Battlefields and Boyd’s Bear Country. I have to say, there are a lot of bears there!! After a little rest, it was off to the venue. So far through this trip I have been amazed at the amount of people and bikes in the town. That was noting compared to the amount of people and bikes at the venue. I am sure there were thousands, look at the pics! And the people had the best attitudes. Of course Wins had one thing on his mind. The BURN OUT PIT! They indeed had a great burn out pit. My baby even got a 2-4-1 at this one. A guy burning out, had his chickie strattle him while burning out and she flashed the crowd. There were quite a few builders there with some of their best machines. I also saw many vendors with goodies I didn’t know existed. This was indeed the largest event I have been too so far.

Sunday morning we got up, did the breakfast thing and hit the road. It seems every trip we have on the other side of the bay bridge; we stop at the WaWa right before the toll on the way home. I’m sure glad we did this time. One: We ran into a couple of *site friends* unexpectedly. (Hello Henry and Joni) Two: We met an awesome couple, Margo and Larry. (You guys rock!) Margo, Larry, Wins and I stopped at the Red Eye event in Kent Island. When we got there, we ran into Trace and Michelle and a good friend of wins and I, Cindy. We all had a great time. Red Eye had a cool event going on, super cold beer and a terrific band. To all the guys reading; I noticed the dress code for the gals, at a Red Eye event is BIKINI style! To the gals reading; this is one of the only events I have been to that has a men’s bikini contest. And we all know, Kent Island guys know how to wear a bikini! HaHa.

Well, that is my Gettysburg Bike Week experience. As you can tell, I had an awesome time. Again, many thank yous’ to P.J. and Linda for the invite and great time; and thank you Steve for making it happen. Was an awesome trip and a great experience. Ride safe all and I will see you at the next event!! Oh, in case they are reading, a big HI YA’LL to New York! HeHe

Article By Sweet Emotion

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