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Cambridge Choppers on the Choptank Preview
05/04/07 - by Steven Winslow
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The site for this years Shoppers on the Choptank

From the Cambridge 06 event...

Field events abound!

Awesome shot from Cambridge 06!

Last year Cambridge Motorsports and several other local businesses got togther and hosted one of the surprize hit events of the year - Choppers on the Choptank. Last years event benefited Stephen, a young local boy diagnosed with a rare brain disorder. The event drew huge crowds dispite uncooperative weather. This year, the boys are back and bigger than ever wiith a new venue and this time its to benefit Alexis Hilton who has had recent brain surgery. As of this writing, she has nad the surgery but is looking at a long and expensive recovery. Here is a letter from Alixiss father telling her story:

We have a daughter that was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her name is Alexis Lee Hilton. She is 3 years old. Her birthday is July 21, 2003. Here is how it all started... Right before Christmas she started vomiting. At first we thought that she had a bug that was going around. After a couple of weeks she stopped getting sick. Then it started back up again. We took her in to see her doctor, and he said that she may be trying to get attention. (We just had another baby). The doctor wanted us to wait till after Christmas to see if she stops. Around the first of January we took her back into see the doctor. First the doctor wanted to do a stool sample. So we did that and everything came back ok. We got tired of waiting for answers so we took her to the ER. There they took a urine sample, and that was fine. They also took two stomach XRays they said the only thing wrong with that was her colon was backed up a little bit. Thenin February she had some blood work done. That was ok but she was still getting sick. Then we desided to make her an appointment with Johns Hopkins to see a specialist. Maybe they could give us some answers.

In the meantime, Alexis had gotten sick in her sleep. That worried us more. We took her back to the doctor and told her that and she suggested an upper GI and a head CT. She called up to Hopkins and made sure it was alright for her to do that here. Before her appointment at Hopkins, we scheduled her appointment for the upper GI and the head CT. We went to have that done and they told us the results the following day.

The upper GI was ok, but she told me they found something in the head CT. She explained to me that they found a mass on her brain. The doctor said that it was in hole where the spinal fluid flows and it was 2.5 cm. We fond that out on April 4th. Then we got a sooner appointment with Johns Hopkins for April 13th. On April 11th we had to take hger to get an MRI done. After that they were still telling us it was just a mass.

We wentt o Hopkins on April 13thto see Dr Carson. When he came in the room he sat in the chair. We will never forget his exact words. He said, Well Im goinmg to let you know now that she has a brain tumor. That was the worst feeling in the world. We talked to the doctor and he said that the surgery needed to be done ASAP. He wouldnt be able to do it until June but he said we shouldnt wait that long. He refered us to another doctor. His name is Dr. Jollo. We made an appointment to go to Baltimore on April 17th to meet Dr. Jollo. He would be the one doing the surgery. The day before we went up to see him, Hopkins called us and wanted to know if it would be ok if Dr/ Lewis sat in when we met with Dr. Jollo. We told them that is fone. ABC news is doing a documentary on Dr Jollo, and they wanted to see Alexis. They are going to film her. They asked about her surgery and I told them I just found out about it. Her surgery was scheduled for April 30th at 5:30am. So we went home and prayed until then. Thank you for everything you are doing for us. - Shannon Hilton.

Link to a story on Delmarvanow.com about Alexis: www.delmarvanow.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070503/NEWS01/70503037
Jonny Johnston and Bunk of Cambridge Motorsports were kind enough to take time out of thier busy day to run down the events coming up on June 2nd and 3rd:

Winslow: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time out to talk to me. Belated congrats on last years event! You guys did real well for Stephen.

Bunk: Oh yes, we did better than we ever imagined. This year the event will benefit Alexis Hilton, a local 3 year olf girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last winter. She has just had surgery to remove the tumor and everything is looking good - so far. They still have some pretty serious bills and need any help we can offer them.

Winslow: Thats great that she is doing well so far. I hope that continues! Telll us some about the event.

Bunk: Im going to have you speak with Jonny here, Its his turn to get some of the spotlight for the work he does here. *Laugh*

Winslow: *Laugh* Sounds great! I understand the event is going to be held here at Cambridge Motorsports, is that correct?

Jonny: Yep, we have arranged to use some of the empty space around the building here plus the parking lot at the adjacent Motel. We have tents coming in from ABATE and several of our own for the bike show and plenty of parking. The field events will be held this year as well. We are going to have plenty of room!

Winslow: Wow, thats great! How about the bike run on Sunday? Ummm, maybe we should start at the beginning and work our way through the whole event. Whats happening Saturday?

Jonny: Saturday we will be open 10am to 7pm. We dont have every detail worked out yet, but we will have plenty to do and see. There will be a Bike Show judged by members of ABATE and others in the local biker community. We will have loads of bike builders and vendors in attendance. Live music will be povided. Food and Beer will be provided by one of the local fire depts.

Winslow: Wow, sounds like a great lineup!

Jonny: You bet.

Winslow: How about Sunday?

Jonny: The event is scheduled for 9am to 5pm Sunday. We will start off with a church service and blessing of the bikes. The traditional poker run will kick off from here at Cambridge Mtorsports and end up here as well. After the run, we will have a DJ, 50/50s, Bike games, silent and live auctions and awards. Of course all of our vendors and builders will be here as well!

Winslow: Thats awesome, Im really looking forward to this! Anything else you would like to add here?

Jonny: Wow, please let everyone know that we still have openings for vendors. If someone is interested, please have them call the store here and ask for me (jonny) or Bunk. Either of us can get you setup and registered for a spot in this years event. So far we have the following builders coming in: Twin Iron Customs, CTM, Stone Cycle, Handcrab Cycles (?), Cycle Creations, Lawrence Racing, East Coast Choppers, Iron Core Cycles, C-S Insane Builders and Bad Co Cycle. Im sure we will sign more vendors and builders as the event gets closer. Id also like to thank the Killarney B Inn of Cambridge for providing some rooms for us. Thanks guys!

Winslow: Wow, thats great. Thanks for taking the time to talk to do this interview. We will deffinately be there shooting pics for the site.

Jonny: No problem, look forward to having you there.

Article By Steven Winslow, Alexis Story by Shannon Hilton

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