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Sherry Looney Interview
04/26/07 - by Steven Winslow
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Sherry and Allan

The ESC HOG / Beach Riders Crew

ESC HOGs on the Beach!

Tis the journey, not the desination... - Unknown

Article By Steven Winslow

Winslow: Hey Sherry, thanks for doing this interview for delmarvabikers.com! Sherry Looney is one of the most active people I have ever met when it comes to the Delmarva biker scene. She serves on the Board of the Eastern Shore Chapter of HOG and is one of the central figures in the legendary Beach Riders Crew. Oh and by the way, congarts on your engagement! Tell us about your fiance, how you met, what you enjoy doing together, etc...

Sherry: My fiance Allan is a great guy! We met through his cousin Jack and Jack's wife Denise, I have been riding with Jack and Denise several years, we met on the Harley dinner rides and became friends, this past October they hooked Allan and I up. It has been a match made in heaven! Allan and I do most everything together now, he enjoys the Beach Riders and has joined the ESC, we both love to ride, camp, boat, gettogethers with our friends and families... We are very lucky to have found each other.

Winslow: That is soooo awesome! Im very happy for you. I got to meet Allen at the Wild HOGS premier, and he seemed like a very nice guy. You are very active in both Eastern Shore HOGS and the Ocean City Beach Riders as well as your infamous "Mail List". I gotta admit, I always crack a smile when I see one of your messages in my inbox! Great job! Anyway, tell us about ESC HOG and the Beach Riders and what they are all about.

Sherry: Everyone wants to know what the Beach Riders are about..."Laugh" We met on the Ocean City Harley Dinner rides a couple of years ago. We all became friends and our common interests...motorcycles bonded us. After the dinner rides ended for the year in September, we decided to keep them going. Barbara Lynch and I went around and asked for phone Numbers...At first we were calling everyone on the list ( around 15 to 20 people) to get together for rides and dinners, then word got out and we grew...so that is how the emails emerged. We started as a dinner group and evolved into the Beach Riders....We ride together all of the time...at one outing we decided to come up with a name and then a patch and now tee-shirts. ESC....most Beach Riders joined the Eastern Shore Chapter of Ocean City Harley when it formed a year ago. In fact the small original Beach Rider Group mainly make-up the board of officers for the Eastern Shore Chapter. ESC is a formal group for Harley Owners, Beach Riders are an informal group of friends for all bike owners...even Suzuki's...lol.

Winslow: *LOL* I think thats great. It always seemed to me that some people take the whole "what you ride" issue a little too far. Its about riding, it doesnt matter what you ride, just that you ride. Its a two wheeled culture anyone can take part in... Its always one of the things that impressed me most about the Beach Riders, they are all there having fun and sharing in a common interest, thats the thing that matters! Do either of your groups have any big plans for the coming summer? I know the "Summer Splash" poker run is coming up very soon...

Sherry: Plans this summer for ESC are many many rides to include local events, dinners, lunches, carnivals, also rides to local historical towns. We are looking forward to our Chapters upcoming Poker Run on June 24th. Beach riders usually fill in with last minute rides and get togethers at different Beach Riders homes, BB-Q's, etc. Myrtle Beach Bike Week is a big event for the Beach Riders...we have a great turnout that goes and we meet up when we arrive in MB.

Winslow: DAM IT! Everyone gets to go to Myrtle Beach but NE!!! *Laugh* Its all good, I get to go to Cozumel, hehehe. Do you guys ride all the way down there or trailer or what? Any unofficial rally point in Myrtle?

Sherry: Cozumel....sounds good to me...LOL. When the Beach Riders head out to Myrtle Beach we get there anyway we can...trailer, ride, and pickup trucks. I drive my pickup with my bike in the back, I take another group person with me and we follow several of the bikes there, we are the gear truck. Everyone is staying in different places...Allan and I are camping with some Beach Riders....then we all have arrangements to meet at a certain hour at the Suck,Bang and Blow near the south Harley Shop. Everyone is on their own....but we try to hang together as much as possible and keep each other informed where we are via cell phones.

Winslow: Its just awesome to be in a place like that with all of your friends, Im sure. Im going to have to get down there one of these days, hehehe. By the way, What are you riding these days? I remember last year taking you on head to head in the barrel roll... Should I be worried about this year? *Laugh* That was a blast, we will have to do it again soon!

Sherry: I still ride a Suzuki, I have two bikes....a Suzuki Savage and Suzuki Intruder. I was on the Savage when we did the barrel race...that was cool and fun! Our meeting that day was a good example of the groups I belong to....we are all friendly and enjoy meeting people with the same interests. I really think you should be worried this year at Powellville...I know your side ways trick now...ha ha....it is going to be fun trying.

Winslow: Me? A trick? Never... Well, maybe... Hehe. Im sure we will get a chance to go head to head again soon! *Laugh* That was realy alot of fun, no doubt! I loved the pics of the beach party, with the weenie bite and the 6 legged race and so on. Will you guys be doing anything like that again this year?

Sherry: Beach Party...Oh Yes! We are going to do the Beach Party again, it was great, everyone brought hotdogs and drinks and whatever they wanted, we picked up wood on the way and built a fire on the beach and had just a wonderful time. The Beach Party will be on the events list for ESC this summer!

Winslow: I just got a set of pics from Becky Lawson taken during the 1st State HOG run up to Smyrna. Funny, I was right behind you guys, I went to Smyrna with the ABATE mystery run. I even thought I saw a few ESC riders pass me on our way out, LOL. Becky always does great work, I was very happy to get some new pics from her. I hope we see more soon. I also understand you have a new Photgrapher, I hope we see some of his work soon.

Sherry: Becky is great at the picture thing and Garth our new guy is good also...we just have to get him to release his shots...Becky always fills in with her pics...we are lucky to have such talent in our group!

Winslow: Indeed! I'll be looking for more from Garth and Becky in the future and trying very hard to make it out to more Wednesday night events. We are also holding out the Summer Splash date so Lisa and I can attend. Its tough though, Im working two jobs and trying to cover as much as I can. Weekdays are especially hairy, LOL. Thanks again for taking time out to participate in this interview. If you are ever bored and looking for something to do on a Wednesday night, one hotspot to check out is Ocean City Harley Davidson. They sponser along with the Beach Riders a "Dinner Ride" that starts at 6pm SHARP (dont be a Winslow and get there late!). Its an organized ride that goes to a Delmarva resturant or hotspot along with 20 or so like minded individuals. Its always a very laid back and fun time, with lots of cool people to get to know and ride with.

Sherry: Thanks Steve really enjoyed talking about the Beach Riders and ESC. I wanted to mention the Wednesday night dinner rides are open to everyone! In fact we look forward to meeting and hanging out with new people. We are a friendly group and anyone just joining us find's out how easy it is to become a Beach Rider...just be perpared for a fun ride.....

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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