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Washington Int Bike Show 07 with ECBC
01/24/07 - by Sweet Emotion
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And here I thought Dan only liked Blue...

Niiiiice custom!

Flag bikes are always way cool!

Dan and friends...

Sweet Emotion trying one out!

You mean you fixed me up with a date for the trip? - The Amazing Spider Dan

Article By Sweet Emotion

Saturdays bus trip to the International Motorcycle Show was a good time. Thanks to our hosts, EAST COAST BIKER CRUISES, a group of us were able to enjoy the show together. Because of this nasty virus going around, not as many came as planned. Winslow even fell victim to the virus and was unable to make the trip. I want him to know, he was missed! Still, quite a few of us met in Easton and were off to Washington. The bus ride to the show was fun. Laughing and talking with old friends. Finally putting the faces to the names I have been hearing. Of course a highlight of the ride to the show was a friend Dans surprise blind date. Take a look at the pictures, we captured the moment (HaHa). Anyone who knows Mr. Bill of EAST COAST BIKER CRUISES will know who came up with this one.

When we arrived, we all agreed on a meeting place and time and went to do our own things. Mr. Bill, Jeanie, and I walked around the show together. This was a plus for me. Mr. Bill to help me know what I am looking at, and anytime Jeanie is around I have a great time. She is a sweetheart.

My first thought walking into the motorcycle show was WOW! The biggest motorcycle builders and manufactures were there, showing their latest work. I am not real savvy with the technical stuff. But from what I was able to understand, there were some powerful bikes there. I think I can safely say this. No matter your choice of motorcycle, it was probably under that roof. All of the vendors and company reps were great. I was very impressed with how liberal everyone was with handling the bikes. I guess that is the difference between a sales promotion motorcycle show and the other motorcycle shows I have been too. Regardless, it was cool to be able to sit on and get the feel of most of the bikes in the building. There were several bikes you were not allowed to sit on or mess with. But honestly, the bikes that were off limits were so nice, I would be afraid to touch them anyway.

Before this show, I never really looked at other motorcycles other than Harleys. I would glance at other bikes, maybe comment if they were pretty. I found that there are several very nice bikes, in many makes and models. Guess I finally looked outside of the Harley box. I do have to say, my two top picks were Harleys. The 50th Anniversary Sportster, and the VRSCAW V-ROD. They are both nice bikes. And pretty too!! Ha-Ha. The Victory Hammer is another nice bike. I like the fat tire on the back. I have to say, they have really advanced when it comes to the bikes with the side cars. More room in the side car and looks to be a smooth ride. The new Ninja’s are nice looking bikes. Quick too!! I sat on a few of them. They are light bikes, but as I thought, in my opinion, built more so for speed and racing than comfort riding. Rickey Gadson of the Kawasaki Racing Team was there. Signing posters and taking pictures. He is a very nice guy. After reading more about him, I have found he is also a very talented rider and racer. Another thing I was and still am amazed with was the World’s fastest motorcycle. The streamliner SEVEN. Can you imagine riding across the salt flats at 350 plus MPH? Talk about an adrenaline rush. You have to have a respect for a man who builds a motorcycle that will go 350 mph and the man driving it at that speed. I could really get into this sport. To further intrigue me with this. We watched The World’s Fastest Indian, with Anthony Hopkins on the ride home. This is a great movie.

Before we left the show, we saw the stunt riders from Cycle World Magazine.. These boys can really ride their bikes and have absolutely no fear. A couple of times I held my breath. They really put on a great show.

The bus ride home was a lot of laughs. Sure was nice just kicking back and watching a movie instead of driving home. I know I needed the rest. I was on my feet pretty much all day. We stopped at Red, Hot and Blues for dinner. I love their barbeque and potato salad! The entire trip was a great trip. The International Motorcycle Show is well worth it and if you get the chance to go anywhere with EAST COAST BIKER CRUISES, then you must go. Bill, Lori and everyone are great people to go places with and their trips are always interesting and a good time. Thanks again for the good time, see you on the next trip!!

Article by - SWEET EMOTION.

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