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Delamrvabikers.com 1 Year Anniversary!
01/04/07 - by Steven Winslow
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One Happy Dude!

One Very Special Lady... Thanks SE!

Keep an eye out for us in 2007!

You bought a Harley? Oh thats great, maybe you will get out of your bear cave a little more often now... - Steven Winslows Mom

Article By Steven Winslow

Wow, I cant beleive its actually been a whole year! I came up with the idea and registered the name delmarvabikers.com on January 4th, 2006. Seems like the year went by way too fast! It realy has been a labor of love for me, starting the site out with just a few simple pages and watching it grow from there... Coming up with new ideas, getting them out there and having a BLAST doing it the whole way! I wouldnt trade the experience for the world!

To tell the story from the start, the whole thing started last winter when I was trying to find info on events happening on Delmarva that I could enjoy on my bike. Delmarva Bikeweek is an obvious one, as is Federalsburg and some of the runs out of the Harley Shops. I had heard of other things, but could never quite put my finger on them and always seemed to miss out. I work on the net for a living, so I would search google for events on my breaks. It just seemed like all the groups would advertize thier own events, but wouldnt say anything about other biker oriented happenings on the shore... Why not make a site and put it all up in one spot? Maybe add some directories for places to go, shops that worked on bikes, maybe even offer listings for people trying to sell thier bikes! Offer just about everything for free in the Open Source spirit of the net! Too cool! Then a good friend wanted to advertize at biker events and the whole trailer deal came together. And thus, the site was born...

Oddly enough, theres one question I seem to get about every other event we attend from people... "What do you get out of this delmarvabikers thing anyways?" Well, to tell it like it is, and be perfectly honest, on the money side, we dont make much at all. Initially I went with a google ad sense deal to post thier ads, but that pays less than spit, so I dropped them. Make no mistake, direct financial rewards in an endevour like this are very few and far between. However, I have picked up some pretty lucrative outside computer work directly from my involvement with DMVB, sold some ads here and there and even gotten some pretty cool unexpected spiffs from different civic groups and businesses... But once I got into the whole thing I found out that there were rewards much much better than money out there...

As I started contacting people and thinking of different ways to promote the site, doing interviews, taking pics at events, just about anything to get the site going, I was meeting some of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! It may sound a little cheesey, but the gods honest truth is I have made some of the best friends I have ever known in this past year! Delmarva Area Biker people are the most honest, down to earth, laid back and fun loving people on the planet, and Im dam proud to have met each and every one of you!

As if that wasnt enough, I was very fortunate to have met someone who has become very special to me... Sweet Emotion, you were there with me through the thick and the thin the entire summer and that means more to me than you will ever know! Thank you so much for coming into my life and making it so much brighter than it ever was! Im looking forward to the coming season and the good times ahead! Hang in there with me kiddo, we gonna make something of this yet!

At any rate Id like to thank all of you for being such great friends and for helping us make this silly website the thing it is today...

Some of the people that helped make Delmarvabikers.com a reality:

ABATE of Maryland
The Atlantic Hotel Burnout Pit Crew
The Broken Oar
Cambridge Motorsports
Critical Intentions
Cycle Creations
The Dave Henry Band and crew
East Coast Bikers Cruises
Eastern Shore Cycle
The Federalsburg VFW and Crew
George Jackson and his Scrolls for Troops
Harwoods VTwin Cycles
Jacks Place
Maryland Red Knights Chapter 3
The Ocean City Beach Riders
Racetrack Auto and Trailer Sales
Smittys Bar and Resturant
Sweet Emotion
Twin Iron Customs and Crew
Williamsburg Motorworks and Crew
Women Supporting Women of the Eastern Shore

-- All the people who took the time to meet and get to know us at the events! --


One very Happy Dude Since He started the whole thing -
Steven Winslow

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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