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East Coast Bikers Cruise to Cozumel 06 Pt 3
12/08/06 - by Steven Winslow
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One of the cool passageways on the ship...

Bill and Sheri at our last dinner.

I kinda liked the piano bar... This guy was loads of fun!

The three of us headed off for South Beach!

These three were more than happy to pose!

The main drag was lined with sidewalk cafes...

South Beach Hotels. Where is Tony Montagna?

The Birdman of South BEach!

Gettin in some cards before the flight...

These two were just easy a target.

You lost Sheri WHERE?!?!?

"I dont want to get off the boat!" : Steven Winslow

Part 3 of a 3 part article on East Coast Bikers Cruises first annual Cruise

After our adventures in Cozumel, the Fascination headed back towards the US and our last Day at Sea. Most of us spent the day exploring the boat, enjoying the relaxing time onboard and checking out the shows. The ship has no less than a dozen different bars, which made for some interesting bar hopiing, hehehe. Just think, you can get totally annihilated while doing a bar crawl and never have to worry about driving!

My favorites were the Lido beck bar (by the pool and hottubs) and the Piano bar. The Lido deck usually featured some type of exotic sounding drink or another, served by some of the friendlyiest guys on the boat! It seemed at times like these guys would follow us around wherever we went, as they would be there smiling and offering us our favorite libations. The guys who adopted us were BIG AL and BIG KAHUNA, the BIG Brothers! Seriously, they were a blast to hang out with and helped us out alot on the trip...

The piano bar was kinda cool in its own way... It featured a very friendly young guy playing the piano In the center of a round bar like structure. This fellow was well versed in many popular piano tunes and was more than happy to take requests. I asked for biker music just to see what he would come up with, and dam if he didnt play Born to be Wild! *LOL* The crowd was kinda small, but that made it even more fun as we were able to talk a bit and get to know one another...

Friday, we had to pack our bags and bid a farewell to the Fascination... Since our flight home didnt depart until 8pm, we had pretty much a full day to kick around Miami. Sheri, one of Loris girls and I decided to spend the day on the sands of South Beach... None of us had ever been there, so it made for a fun last day adventure. Bill and some of the others went on an air boat excursion or a food tasting tour. Like ECBC always says, DO WHAT YA WANT!

We have some fun with Cell Phones!

Just before we left the boat, Sheri discovered a cuban cigar in her bagage... It seems that SOMEONE forgot to tell her that its a $1000 fine if you get caught trying to bring those puppies back into the US... Ah oh... It was TOO EASY A SETUP... Here is a short version of the messages Bill got on his cell phone:

Message #1: Bill, this is your wife Sheri. Im here at customs and there seems to be some kind of problem with that cigar you gave me to bring back. Something about Cuban cigars being illegal in the US. Ill call you back...
Message #2: Hey Bill, this is Steve. The customs agents have taken Sheri into custody and are asking for $1000. Im tapped out brother, I dont know what to do, we are here at the terminal waiting to hear from you.
Message #3: Bill, this is Randy, these guys are really giving us a hard time here at the terminal! Im getting us a lawyer and I thin... *CLICK*
Message #4: Bill, this is Steve again. Man, they have Randy in costody now too. I dont know what to do man,,, [In background I have a friend we made on the boat saying in a gruff voice: SIR! SIR! YOULL HAVE TO COME WITH ME NOW SIR!] Bill, I gotta go man, get down here as quick as ya can!

The reality of the whole thing was Sheri, Loris daughther and I took a cab and went down to the beach. After a bit, Sheri decided the joke had gone far enough, but I couldnt help but have some more fun with it... I had the following message on my cell phone from when we were in Key West:

Old Message: Hey Steve this is Bill. We'll be back in and meet up with you by noon. You guys go... *STATIC CUTOFF*

I told Sheri about the message, playing it like Bill had gotten our messages and was headed back to the port to rescue us from customs! It was all too funny for me, I spent the whole of our time on South Bech rolling around and laughing! I just couldnt stop laughing! Sorry guys, I couldnt help but relay that story here. It was all in good fun, and with a great group like East Coast Bikers Cruises, Im sure it will never be otherwise! Im sure next time around, it will be me on the recieving end of the joke...

One last BIG THANK YOU to Bill, Lori and Sheri of East Coast Bikers Cruises! You couldnt ask for a better group to take any kind of trip with! YOU GUYS ROCK BIG TIME!!!!

- Steven Winslow

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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