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East Coast Bikers Cruise to Cozumel 06 Pt 2
12/01/06 - by Steven Winslow
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Las Vegas Style Show! WOOHOO!

This lucky girl just got enaged...

Yes, Disco does suck, but ya gotta love those wild drunk girls!

Pulling into Cozumel, Mexico! What a great day!

The Fascination!


I got a good deal on some jewelry... Maybe...

Street vendors had anything and everything.

Gotta love those wild Mexican girls, eh Sheri?!?!

This girl actually tried to rip my nipples off... YOWCH!

These girls just HAD to be in delmarvabikers.com!

Whatya mean I cant take my drinks on the boat!?!?!

Mexican deck party!

"OMG That hurts!" : Steven Winslow

Part 2 of a 3 part article on East Coast Bikers Cruises first annual Cruise

The second port of call for our cruise (and the highlight for me) was Cozumel, Mexico! We started out with a nice hearty breakfast and signed up for our excursion tickets. Something we learned on this first time out was to get your tickets early! Everything is first come, first serve and with us anchored in the bay, they had to ferry us over to the shore in these small excursion boats... Not too bad, but if you dont get your tickets early it can mean an hour or more delay getting onshore. We were only scheduled to be in port from about noon to 7, so we wanted to get in as much shore time as we could.

Being my first visit to Mexico, I set myself a couple of goals. Bill and a few of the girls decided to head off for the pyramids, but my interests were a bit more... Ummm... of the local flavor I guess you would say, hehehe. My goals were actually quite simple. First and foremost, get to see and take some good shots of the town. Second, pick up some souvineers for Sweet Emotion and myself, and last but certainly not least get trashed on Mexican Tequela and mix with the locals!

Headed in with me were Bills wife, Sheri and another couple of our cruise group. We headed in and caught a cab to the bottom of the main drag and then worked our way back up checking out the different shops and sucking on strong Mexican drinks as we went. I was very impressed by the locals, all seemed very happy to see us and eager for us to check out thier wares... We hit a couple of silver shops and the first thing you learn about Mexico is bartering! U.S. tourist spots all mark thier prices and you take it or leave it... Not here! To me, it was half the fun joking with the vendors and seeing how good you could do on the prices! (Wait a sec... Isnt this the 6 TShirts for $20 shop?!?! NO?!??!, Ok guys I think we came to the wrong place... What?!?! You CAN sell us 6 TShirts for $20? ROCKIN!) I had a blast bartering with the guy in the shot over to the right there, but I wouldnt be surprized if he took serious advantage of me. I think the trick is to spend what you can afford on what you want. Dont get too caught up in it and get burned.

As we got close to the top of the street we came upon one of the places I heard alot about from former visitors to Cozumel... Senior Frogs! This place is up on the second floor of a building, with a nice deck overlooking the bay and a very friendly atmospehere and waitstaff... The VERY first thing we saw was the entire staff up on a kind of stage, dancing and stomping thier feet with these cow jerseys on! Too cool! The Tropical Frozen drinks came in these huge glasses and were very tasty.

Once they were done dancing, the waitresses started a show of thier own... *LOL* They would circle around through the crowd of people, giving out shots for $3. First they would pour the shot down your throat, stick the shot glass in your shorts, then grab your head and shake it up, smack your butt a couple of times and then pull your shirt up and give your nipples a twist. Ok, that came out kinda wierd I know, but I swear its the truth! I secured permission to shoot for the website and they ate it right up! The next shot I got I swear to god the girl tried to rip my nipples off! *LOL* Sheri seemed to enjoy her shot somewhat, but the other couple who came in with us was not biting. Oh well, to each thier own, it was all in good fun!

Once we finished up our drinks, we dropped in on the bar just downstairs from Senior Frogs... Pretty rockin place, I met 6 or 8 girls on vacation from Ca. When they found out that I was taking pics for delmarvabikers.com, they insisted that I get a shot of them making like they were on bikes! *LOL* Gotta love drunk college girls on vacation in Mexico! We were a bit rushed here as we had to get back to catch the shuttle back to the Facination, perhaps next time I will get to see what more they have to offer!

Once we made it back to the ship, there was extensive entertainment that night... They started out with a HUGE Mexician Buffet and dance up on the Lido deck and then a Comic and Las Vegas Style show. As usual, duty free shopping, several themed bars, the casino, pools, hottubs, you name it all awaited! You just havnt lived until youve seen a 4 man Mexican band pumping out a pretty dam good Van Halen cover! At any rate, The rule of the day (just like every day) for the ECBC grup was: DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!

After another truly outstanding dinner, I hit the Comic show... People were getting pretty trashed and I met the couple who just got engaged. They couldnt have been more than 21 or 22 each, and the guy told me a story about wrecking his Hyabusa (sp?) at 80 Mph and not even getting road rash. (Uh, ok. Suuuure buddy. How about another of them there tropical drinks?) Anyway, were sitting there watching this Comic when the guy breaks out with YOU SUCK! The comic tried to ignore him at first, but after a bit the guy mouthed off agin with I PAID $250 FOR THIS CRUISE AND YOU SUCK! I gotta hand it to him, the comic finally came back with: I WILL CHIP IN $20 IF YOU LEAVE, ANYONE ELSE WANT TO CONTRIBUTE? The crowd rolled...

I also got to spend a little time at the Disco dancing with Bills two girls and taking some of the shots you see in the picture Gallery... Ok so Disco sucks ass, You gotta love the dancing hotties! I was completely surprized that the staff didnt say anything about me taking pics. Seems it just got the crowd more fired up if anything! They have rules about the Casino and some of the decks, but other than that, they seem pretty cool with us shooting just about anything we want...

Next up: Part three South Beach and Home!

- Steven Winslow

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