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Field Games 101 06
08/27/06 - by Steven Winslow
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Charlie and Kat having a blast in the Joust!

Wins and Shane doing the joust...

Donna having a blast!

Kelley trying the weenie bite.

Staging for the Barrell Race...

Barrell Racing can be serious business! (NOT!)

Field Games are a great way to make new friends

The weenie bite is pretty challenging.

Good try!

I suck at everything, but DAM is it fun! - Steven Winslow

Article By Steven Winslow

Ok, so you got the really cool new ride. Its a blast taking it out for a run, getting together with friends and blasting through the turns... Theres no better feeling than running down some backroad, the wind in your hair... Not a care in the world... But what else is there to do on your ride?

One very cool thing I have always enjoyed is field games! Youve probably seen these games at various events... They attract all kinds of bikers from all walks of life on all makes and models. Why? THEYRE DAM FUN THATS WHY! With the ABATE Labor Day party in Centreville and Harwoods Party in Felton coming up this weekend, I thought it would be a GREAT time to post a quickie guide to biker field games...

So what are field games? How are they played? What are the rules? Some people Ive talked to seem a bit nervous about entering one (eh SE?). I think its more because people dont know what they are about, what to expect and how to do it. Maybe some are even afraid they migft get laughed at, who knows. All I know is if I can get a rise out of a crowd doing something silly on my ride, Im all over it!


1) Always PLAY SAFE! First and foremost, no one wants to see anyone get hurt or damage done to anyones ride. So, if you arnt comftorable or think you may not be able to do something safely, dont be afraid to sit out. Most games are very simple and easy, so watch some and see how its done and if you arnt sure, ASK!

2) Always listen to the event organizers. Most of the games Ive participated in have been run by ABATE Mid-Shore. These guys know thier stuff, and will take care that all games are done first and foremost safely, and of course fairly. And If you dont know thier rules or what is expected of you as a participant, ASK!

3) Have fun with it! Its always a blast competing with friends at something everyone can participate in, and field games are one of those!


As different events will be run in different ways, this is ment as a general guide. ALLWAYS be sure to listen to your event organizers first and foremost! Different events are probably going differ in thier rules. IF YOU DONT KNOW, ASK!

1) Slow Ride - The basic idea here is that you line up against one or more others on a marked straight course. The starter yells GO! and everyone takes off. The LAST one over the line wins! Usually, you are disqualified if you put a foot down to steady yourself or catch yourself from falling. This is alot harder than it looks... Video of this event.

2) Barrell Race - Line up against one or more other riders... Each contestant lines up behind a steel keg. The first one to push thier keg across the finish line wins! Most events will allow riders to steady themselves. Video 1 of this event. Video 2 of this event.

3) Balloon Toss - This one is for two people, a driver and a rider. The rider is given a water balloon that they must toss over a bar and then catch as the bike passes under it. In most cases, the driver is not allowed to put a foot on the ground or the team is disqualified. Video 1 of this event. Video 2 of this event. Video 3 of this event.

4) Cup Race - Also for two people, the rider has a board that they have to hold above the drivers head. A cup of water is placed on the board, and at a signal the riders take off. The winner is the first bike across the finish line without spilling the water. Video 1 of this event. Video 2 of this event.

5) Jousting - Again two people, the rider is given a pole similiar to a pool stick. Rings are placed on cones to one side of the course, and the rider must spear the rings, catching them as they pass on the bike. The winner is the one with the most rings. In ABATEs version, each team makes multiple passes with successively longer sticks. The winner is the one who gets the most rings total for all of thier passes. Most events will not allow a driver to use a foot to steady themselves. Video of this event.

6) Plank Ride - A 20 - 40 foot long, 4 - 6 inch wide plank (or possibly planks) is placed on the ground. Each rider must ride as far as they can over the plank keeping both wheels on the plank. The winner is the one who goes the furthest with both wheels still on the plank. Most events will not allow the rider to use a foot to steady themselves.

7) Weenie Bite - This is the penultimate biker field event! A hotdog, usually soaked in mustard, is hung at bite level from a cross beam. The rider must bite off as much of the hotdog as they can as the driver passes the bike undeneath! The winner is the one who bites off the most weenie! Most events will not allow a driver to use a foot to steady themselves. Video 1 of this event. Video 2 of this event.

The main thing is to have fun in all of these events. Remember - Its not who wins or looses, its who has the most fun...!

- Steven Winslow

A big Thanks to Marty and the entire crew of MidShore ABATE for allowing us to shoot these videos! These guys put alot into these events, so next time you see one going on, JOIN IN THE FUN!

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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