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Scrolls for Troops 06
07/12/06 - George Jackson and Winslow
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Carefully packing the scroll for British troops.

Bill and Shirley Wooters accepting scroll for Cpl ODay.

Sabrina Wheeler accepting scroll for her husband.

Some of the thousands who signed the scrolls.

Some of the thousands who signed the scrolls.

Some of the thousands who signed the scrolls.

Scroll all ready to head to British Allies in Iraq.

I just want to do something to show our troops we support them. - George Jackson, the Scrolls for Troops Guy.

I first met George Jackson the morning of the VFW show in Federalsburg. He was located right next to us with his scrolls for troops display. I was a bit bewildered at first with what exactly he was doing, but the more I talked to him, the more I thought what a great idea! As the day wore on, he collected more and more signatures, and the scorlls slowly started to fill up. I remember thinking Oh My God it will take him a year to fill those things! But no, George is the kind of guy who doesnt take on a mission without fully entending to finish, that is for sure! Time passed as it tends to do and the Scrolls had pretty much fallen out of my daily thoughts when the following email arrived in my inbox:

Good morning, Steve:

Thursday evening, July 6, 2006, at the Federalsburg, Maryland Branch of the United States Post Office a 303 foot long scroll of Thank You messages for British Troops serving in Iraq was sent on its way to them. Thousands of messages of appreciation for their staying the course with America in the war on terrorism are on that scroll. God bless Americas Best Friend, Great Britain and her Brave Troops.

Attached is a photo of two United States Postal employees at the Federalsburg, Maryland branch of the United States Post Office, with the box that contains the 303 foot long scroll for British Troops in Iraq. Also attached is a photo of one of the Postal employees carefully placing the scroll into the box.

Sorry that I did not get the names of the Postal Employees.

I handed off the Scroll for United State Marine Cpl. WHEELER, KEVIN, B. of Easton, Maryland to his wife Sabrina on July 4th evening. She told me that she would mail it to him in Iraq, the next morning. Cpl. Wheeler is on his second tour of duty in Iraq, and will be sharing his scroll with his fellow U.S. Marines. His wife Sabrina is accepting the scroll in photo number 0018. She is wearing a Marine Corp shirt in the photo. (Kevin, is Bird Dog Wheelers Son, Mr. Bird Dog Wheelers band was one of the bands at the Federalsburg VFW Bike show. I learned from Mr. Roland Blann at the Federalsburg VFW Bike Show that Bird Dog Wheeler's son Kevin (A United States Marine.) was in Iraq on his second tour of duty. That is when I decided to give the United States Marine Corp scroll to Kevin to share with his fellow Marines.)

I handed the scroll for Spc. ODAY, MARK, A. of Felton, Delaware to his Parents (Also on 4th of July evening.) - Bill and Shirley Wooters in photo number 0010. They are from Felton, Delaware, and said they were going to mail the scroll to him the next morning. Spc. ODAY will be sharing the scroll with the 549th MP Company deployed in Mosul, Iraq. (Steve, you may recognize Mr. Bill Wooters in the photo, he was at the Federalsburg VFW Bike Show, that is where I leaned from him that his Son Mark is in Iraq. So that day I asked him to write a letter to his son on the Army scroll because it is going to his Son to share with his fellow Troops. His mom e-mailed my wife Shirley, and told her the scroll is on the way, and that Mark knows its on the way.)

Also Attached are three photos from the Federalsburg VFW Bike Show.

Steve, Thank you so much for your help.

George Jackson
American Corner, Maryland
e-mail: acturnip@intercom.net

and my reply:

Dear Mr Jackson:

Thanks to you for doing such a marvelous job on the Scrolls for Troops project! I have created an article on delmarvabikers.com outlining the story of the scrolls for Troops and your heroic efforts to enable us to show our fellow Americans serving overseas that we truly do support them. In these days of terrorism, global warming and our rush rush rush daily lives it is truly heart lifting to hear a story like yours. If there is ever anything we here at delmarvabikers.com can do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to call! Id especially like to get your schedule for any future projects so I can let our audience here know where you will be.

Thanks again for all that you do!

Your friend,
Steven Winslow

As soon as George lets us know his plans I will be adding his stops to our calendar here at Delmarvabikers.com. Please, please, please be sure to stop and see him when you can. The scrolls, pictures and best of all stories he has to share are a true piece of Americana that should not be missed!

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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