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VFW Federalsburg Bike Show 06
06/17/06 - Sweet Emotion, IllusionBlue and Winslow
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The Racetrackoc.com / Delmarvabikers.com trailer...

Getting setup for the big show!

Skittles made the show!

ABATE booth...

BIG THANKS to all the trophy sponsers!

And a boatload of Trophies!

The VFW looked great as the crowd rolled in!

Everywhere you looked there was an awesome ride!

Our Neighbor Mr George and his Scrolls to Troops!

By about 1, the lot started to look like it might overflow!

John, Sweet Emotion and NORMAN!!!

I wonder if anyone carded the Bud Girls? *LOL*

More good friends, Luke, Deb and Dave!

Tim from Fed and friends! Glad to meet you guys!

The judging must have been tough!

Who let these guys in?!?!?!

Getting ready in the burnout pit.

Crowds watching the Burnouts!

Nice Areal shot courtesy FVFD!


A lot of people + terrific entertainment + a great cause, equaled to a fabulous event! Literally, 100s of bikers came to the Federalsburg, MD VFW Bike Show. This year the event was to benefit six local students with scholarships to the school of their choice. The show of support from the biker community was awesome!

The VFW members, Mark Andrews, Russell Collins, Ladies Aux. and all involved did a terrific job! Considering the heat, everyone seemed to be having a great time! Two bands provided music and entertainment all day (Thumbs up to Bird Dog & the Road Kings and Crossroads). Great food (THKS Ladies!). Many vendors (which provided a lil something for everyone). And of course, some of the nicest bikes around!!

The amount of entries in the Bike judging was mind-boggling. I am sure glad I was not a judge. I found a new favorite every time I looked at them! I do have to say, every trophy winner was just that. A TROPHY WINNER! GREAT BIKES! CONGRATS TO ALL WINNERS. From this new to the bike scene gal, every bike had winning quality!

Of course, the burn out pit (an alltime crowd pleaser) was great! The guys really burn em up. Even lil Harley scooter got in on the fun! (See the pics.*LOL*).

One highlight of the event, (and I am sure THE HIGHLIGHT of the event for one guy) was the Harley raffle. The raffle was for a 2006 Harley FXD or $10,000.00 cash. Winnerís choice. Guess what the winner chose?? I know this, looking back at the pics. Looks like he got a lil riding buddy anytime!! Congrats on your new ride!!

I would like to mention a new friend I met, Mr. George. Some of you may know of him. He is not a vendor. All he asks for is a brief msg (written on a scroll) to send to our troops in Iraq. I cannot commend him enough for the smiles and show of love and support he sends our troops. So, if you see him at an event. Take a couple minutes and sign his scrolls. Every lilí bit helps for the moral of our troops!!

In my opinion? The day was great and a total success! I met new friends, saw old friends. Everyone seemed to be having a great time! As I said the show of support was awesome ! Once again, the biker community answered the call. We came out with a force, brought the dreams of 6 local students closer to reality and had a terrific day! Sounds like a great event to me! WTG all!!

To the members of the VFW of Federalsburg, MD. Great job all and thank you for a truly great event!

IllusionBlues Report:

A hot day with hot bikes, hot babes and hot tires. I had a good time. Its cool to go to all the big bike shows, but its nice to go to a local show even more. You see everyone you know, plus the sweet looking bikes are pretty cool too. The guys from Twin Iron Customs were there with their friendly attitudes and well reiceved custom bikes. There were some women walking around that made a lot of guys pick their tounges up off the ground. I still have a hard time with what im there to see, the bikes or the chicks. Either way, my eyes were wide open. There are a ton of really nice bikes entered in the contest. They had a lot of classes, so everyone with every style of bike had a chance to win a trophy. The cool part is, to win something, you have to ride your entry in. I hate going to a show to see the winner put his bike back in his trailer, and drive it to the next contest. I judged part of it, being the metric bikes. One thing that i asked the owners was, do you ride it much, if they said no, thery werent winning that day. Then there was the burn-out pit. By the time i got home, i had to change my clothes, i smelled like burnt rubber. It looks cool, it even sounds cool, but that cant be good for your engine, transmission, or the ride home. They gave out a 100 dollar prize for the best burn-out. Cost of a tire 100.00, the service 35.00, the look on your face after the guy at the shop tells you that really screwed up your clutch and engine and you need to come in for more work, PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will more than likely be my last bike show until OC bike week. I think im a little burnt on all the shows, its time to get out and do what we were meant to do with our bikes, just ride! Live to ride, Ride to get the f*ck out of the house! - Dan(IllusionBlue)


Only thing Id like to add is a BIG THANK you to ALL the sponsers, the entire VFW for putting on a great show, Jack and Dave of the Federalsburg VFD for the ladder ride, racetrackoc.com for the trailer, and last but not at least Russel and Mark for welcoming us to the event. I cant wait for next year!

Next years event is scheduled for June 16th, 2007. Be sure to mark your calendars for an even more spectacular event!

Another important note: Mr George the Scrolls for Troops guy will be at ShoreBirds Stadium collecting signitures and well wishes for our troops on June 30th, July 1st and July 2nd! If you missed him at Federalsburg, be sure to see him here! Several scrolls will be finishing up soon and headed out for Iraq and other overseas destinations.

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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