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Rolling Thunder 06
05/29/06 - Steven Winslow, IllusionBlue and Photos by Cindy
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Gathering Hurlock for the ride out...

John made it!

About 10 bikes rolling out to Easton

Dan and his wife do that ride thing!

Cindy and Friend at Easton stop

Spanky, Bill and gang great organizing!

Out of Easton, about 40 strong...

Cindy took some really cool shots!

Wins and John in Kent Island

We counted 50+ leaving Kent Island!

Great action shot of John!

Bus Station stop, kinda like Beruit...

We parked next to the Wash Monument.

Norman in Washington...

Bikes roared by 6 wide!

A wall of Bikes!

Vendor Area mob Scene!

John and Cindy lost in the crowd...

Making new friends!

Great work Spanky!

Anyone for some fried Wins?

Chowing down...

Mystery sidedish...

Its about the journey, not the destination... - Bill of Williamsburg Motorworks

A BIG THANKS to Cindy for taking pics. You did an awesome job!

IllusionBlue wrote the following on the delmarvabikers.com message board. I hope he doesnt mind me using it here, I think its an awesome peice of writing, does the event true justice and Id like to share it with as many of you out there as possible...

What a great day.Met some new friends,Steve and his girl being two of them.We all met at Williamsburg motor works to head off to DC for rolling thunder.You couldnt ask for better weather.We headed out and met up with a bunch of other riders in easton.We soon left there and got to the Mac Donalds just before the bridge.By the time we left there,there were 53 bikes in our group.What a sight to see in my mirrors.Steves (friend),took pictures along the way.She did a pretty good job of it,being that she was doing it from the back of his bike.After about an hour we made it to DC.We stopped about two blocks from going in to take a pee break.That gave me a good chance to film the people in our group.We then left and went right into the thick of it.It was mobed.We all talked a bit,then headed our sepperate ways.It was freakin hot,and my diabetes let me know.I came close to passing out,im glad my wife was there to help me out,none the less,we still had a great time.We all met back up at the bikes at 3pm.We left out of there shortly after.Now getting out of DC. is another story.Lets just say,the traffic sucks!I think a good time was had by all,but we wernt there to just have a good time.We were there to show our support,and that we did.On the way home a few of us stopped for some well needed food.We ate,talked and ate some more.Got to know eachother a bit,and had a good time doing so.We then left and headed home.I love riding my bike,but i also love riding with my friends.That day i rode with some old ones,and gained some new ones.I cant wait to do it again.I should see most of them this weekend in cambridge.A new friend of mine said,it doesnt matter what you ride,just as long as you just ride,I totally agree.Thanks Steve, - Dan (IllusionBlue)

I couldnt have said it better Dan! Only thing I would add is a big thanks to Bill and Lori of Williamsburg Motorworks, Spanky, his father, the MD Red Knights and everyone else that made the trip. From organization to the ride itself, it was a fun and safe day with even a few truly emotional moments thrown in. You all did a great job the whole way out and back and we all showed what pride delmarva has in its veterans!

For me, It was truly an impressive sight to see... 1000s upon 1000s of bikers of all makes and kinds, walks of life and even race, creed and color joining together to honor our vets. Everywhere I looked, people were having fun and enjoying each others company. There were no hassles and it was truly the perfect weather for such an event. Even riding out through pothole infested Washington was kinda cool, with 100s of bikes roaring down the street, starting and stopping at every other light! The ride in was a bit challenging as well, with the red lights and traffic of Washington conspiring to seperate us! It was all for naught as the delmarva group managed to stay together and get parking next to the Washington Monument.

Once there, we all did pretty much split up which I imagine is a good thing. The crowds were huge, and as usual the powers that be had set the event up to channel people in different ways. The sides of the street were blocked, with very few accesses from one side of the street to the other. The vendors area as usual was mobbed, but we still managed to pick up a few souviners and much needed food.

I cant wait for next year and another chance to get together with this truly awesome group... It was a joy and honor to ride with you guys! Just like Dan, I feel very lucky that I was able to make some new friends and share some good times with them. If any of you get anything going in the future, please let me know so I can post it here and get people involved!

See ya on the Road and in Cambridge!
- Steven Winslow

PS: As always, Id love to get some pics from any of you that were there and care to share. Full credit will be given (as always) for any contributions!

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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