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Fear and Loathing in Seaford
05/22/06 - Steven Winslow
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So what you are saying is that these people - a so-called bible group from of all places Kansas no less - are coming out to Seaford, DE to demonstrate at a soldiers funeral about Americas tolerance of gays? - Winslow

Thats about the size of it. - Deb

Jesus, what is this world coming to? - Winslow

There isnt a whole hell of alot out there on the web about what happened Sunday in Seaford. DEonline and WBOC each had an article, but searches on Google and CNN turned up pretty much nothing, meaning there was pretty much no National media coverage. Horay for the national media! They at least got this story right - IE - THERE IS NO STORY. From thier accounts, it sounds like about 1000 antidemontrators - mostly local townspeople - showed up to shout down these idiots from Kansas, giving them a true Eastern Shore welcome. A tire was slashed, some rocks and eggs were thrown with alot of insults. Maybe 3 people were arrested, not that big a number considering the crowd. Kudos to the Seaford and other police who were present for keeping the situation from getting too ugly! The Patriot Guard group was there as well, sheltering the family from these backwoods inbred aholes.

I couldnt help but have the first response when I heard about this to think to grab my camera and head on over to see what was up in Seaford. The buzz had it to be at Seaford HD at 1 pm, a group would be riding over to shout these inbread morons down. Then someone said something that just rang so true with me. That would be giving them what they want. Think about it a minute...

You are from the MidWest, and even though you are basically insane you are smart enough to know you have a noncause most people either dont care about or actively disagree with. You want to get as much press and attention as you can, because as the old saying goes - There is no bad press. And seeing as your cause is completely lame and unable to attract anything but your inbred family to agree with it, you do the next best thing. Use the constition of our country against its people and your right to free speech to hold a demonstration at a local soldiers funeral. After all, these days whats more sure than a soldiers funeral to get peoples dander up?

Now, dont get me wrong... Im PLENTY pissed that these people came to the shore and tried to ruin of all things - the funeral of one of our own who had served their country and protected thier right to protest. That is WRONG WRONG WRONG and about as hypocritical as you can get. Protesting at and dishonoring a funeral? Arnt churches about Love Thy Neighbor? Maybe someone ripped that part out of thier bible, but sure that is in any bible Ive heard about. If there is a hell Im sure membership in this group is a sure one way ticket in. Still I cant help but think of my daughter when she was 2. The Terrible Twos they call it, or the any attention is better than no attention phase. In other words, they are going to get it any way they can. I learned that the worst thing you can do is reinforce negative behavior, so its best to just let em run themselves down and then reinforce postive behaviours.

There is a law being proposed to not allow ANY demonstrations at, near or during a soldiers (or I beleive any service members) funeral. In other states its been called the Let Them Grieve in Peace law. Lets all let our legislatures know that we support this law. Showing up at a funeral and throwing an egg or a rock is not only illegal and bound to get you in trouble, its giving some screw head inbred peice of trash from Kansas what he wants. If they come back to Delmarva, Im resoleved to let the patriot guard do thier thing. If you want to help out, I would suggest signing up for duty with them and adhere to thier rules. I beleive we as a community need to stay away and make these morons feel like Delmarva WONT give them what they want!

FOR THE RECORD: Im all for the Patriot Guard and thier work protecting the families of fallen soldiers from even having to see these idiots. Im all for and beleive in supporting our soldiers in Iraq, even though I think the war is a terrible thing. Im even all for these idiots right to demonstrate but not at such an innappropriate time. Im 100% against these idiots from Kansas and thier inane stance who are about as unchristian as you can get. Im also not for giving them what they want or a free ride on my time or dime. Fuck them all the way back to Kansas, they didnt get thier name posted in delmarvabikers.com, that is for sure.

See ya on the Road,
Steven Winslow

PS: If anyone would like to add anything to this Pro or Con, please email it to me at winslow@delmarvabikers.com. I Guarantee it will run UNEDITED. Thak you and God Bless.


DEOnline peice: http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060522/NEWS/605220347/1006

WBOC: http://www.wboc.com/Global/story.asp?S=4918423

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