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Interview: Bunk of Cambridge Motorsports
04/25/06 - Steven Winslow
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Cambridge Motorsports on Rt50

Cambridge Motorsports on Rt50

Some of these Star bikes are VERY hot!

Cambridge Motorsports Showroom

Dirtbikes at Cambridge Motorsports

Quads at Cambridge Motorsports

Some the owners collection of vintage Metrics at CMS

Cruisers at Cambridge Motorsports

Last years event at Cambridge Motorsports

Last years event at Cambridge Motorsports

Plenty of Accessories at Cambridge Motorsports

These metrics have no shortage of CHROME!

Extreme Metric!

Extreme Metric!

Helmet honoring a fallen friend...

2 Extreme Riders!

These guys pack a nasty surprize...

Some of the line at Cambridge Motorsports...

I hope this is not another harley owned but we allow other bikes room. It would be a shame. Not every biker owns or wants a harley. - Illusionblue

It was always my entention that this site be about all kinds of bikes, not just Harleys or even cruiser style bikes. Its about the 2 wheeled culture as it is today on yours and my home - Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia. In that spirit and with one of the most talked about events of the summer just around the corner, last Tuesday I did an interiew with Bunk of Cambridge Motorsports. CM was the host of a very well attended ride last year benefiting two local children. By all accounts, it was one of the must do events of the summer.

This year they have added many more sponsers and renamed what they hope will become an annual event as Choppers on the Choptank! At any rate, I only had to agree to one stipulation - no pictures of Bunk. I think thats a shame, because this guy is one of the driving forces behind the event. He certainly deserves some recognition for all the hard work he has done behind the scenes! Well, here it is as I recorded it...

Winslow: Hey Bunk, thanks for seeing me. How are you guys doing with the new Star line? Selling alot of them?
Bunk: Its like anything else, one month its Suzuki, one month its Yamaha.
Winslow: Realy?
Bunk: The next month we stand around with nothing to do waiting for something to happen.
Winslow: Right. Thats probably most of the winter I imagine.
Bunk: About January through midmarch.
Winslow: Bet this years been a little better with the weather breaking like it has been.
Bunk: No it hasnt because people havnt had much money to buy toys.
Winslow: Realy?
Bunk: With the extra costs of fuel and gas they dont have the money.
Winslow: Hmmm.
Bunk: People are paying a dollar and a quarter more a gallon
Winslow: They have to get that money somewhere.
Bunk: They dont have money for toys.
Winslow: I live in Delmar and work in Cambridge, so Im back and forth every day 45 minutes, so I will be riding my bike quite a bit this summer. I was running late today, so I didnt ride. Shit happens. What kind of bike do you ride?
Bunk: I have a C90.
Winslow: One of my buddies has one of those, he loves it better than his Harley.
Bunk: Only one Ill never buy again is Harley.
Winslow: Realy? Didnt like it huh?
Bunk: I had so much trouble with it. I paid $25000 to ride 800 miles.
Winslow: Wow. Im going on 12000 miles on mine.
Bunk: What do you ride?
Winslow: A sportster.
Bunk: I bought the Heritage 2000. My first trip out my wife and I headed to Wiliamsburg, the wiring harness burned out from the headlight back right in the middle of the tunnel on the bridge tunnel. We sat there for a couple of hours, cops had to block traffic in the tunnel.
Winslow: Gawd...
Bunk: We got that straight, we were riding around Salisbury going to dinner and put the front brakes on, the brake caliper locked up on it.
Winslow: Oh my.
Bunk: That was less than 400 miles on it.
Winslow: Sounds like you got a lemon or something.
Bunk: Tow truck come and got us again. Next trip out, we were headed down to Richmond on 95 no warning at all, the motor locked up. Less than 800 miles on it.
Winslow: The motor locked up? Did the rear lock up?
Bunk: The belt did not break.
Winslow: Whew. Musta realy scared the hell out of you I imagine.
Bunk: Thats the scardest I have ever been on a bike.
Winslow: Especially if you were running 60 - 65 something like that.
Bunk: We were going 75.
Winslow: 75, Oh man.
Bunk: To this day I dont know how we didnt go down.
Winslow: I had a chain come off an old Suzuki that I had, scared the hell out of me. I was in Ocean City only doing 40. I didnt know what happened at first, that is what scared me. The thing came out the bottom of the bike, didnt lock it up.
Bunk: Wow.
Winslow: Tell me about this new club.
Bunk: Its jointly sponsered by Yamaha and Cambridge Motorsports, We are going to start signing people up May the 6th.
Winslow: May 6th?.
Bunk: Get ahold of Rick.
Winslow: I need to get his number from you again.
Bunk: Ok.
Winslow: I will give him a call, whatever we can doi to help, give it a push on the site.
Bunk: You dont have to be a Yamaha rider to join.
Winslow: What do they plan on doing? Like organized rides?
Bunk: Organized rides... Fund raisers... That kinda stuff.
Winslow: Uh huh. Will they be doing any charity events eventually?
Bunk: Oh yeah. This is a nice little place to hide when it gets crazy.
Winslow: Yeah.
Bunk: They cleaned up my desk when they came out to shoot the comercial yesterday. No one can understand my way of keeping things but me.
Winslow: Hehe, yeah me too, my office desk is the same. Tell me some more about the June event that is coming up.
Bunk: The June event at this point is getting very crazy.
Winslow: I was looking on your website, I transfered a bunch of your information over to our calendar.
Bunk: We are having some troubles with the promoter bringing Foghat in, so we kind of have a gray area there.
Winslow: Not sure if Foghat will be coming for the show?
Bunk: Lets put it this way, its just not 100% sure. They did some advance stuff that wasnt...
Winslow: Oh geez. You are the primary promoter of the whole event right?
Bunk: Ahhh, Cambridge Motorsports, WAI and WCEN. Theyve been behind us in whatever weve done in the past. It got to a certain point and it was time to grow. I dont know if you were here for what we did last year or not.
Winslow: Actually I wasnt here but I heard all about it.
Bunk: We had hundreds of bikes here last year in the parking lot, alot bigger than expected.
Winslow: Oh yeah.
Bunk: Excellent attendance.
Winslow: Great turn out.
Bunk: We just cant hold it here anymore, so we had to move it.
Winslow: So its all going to be out of Sailwinds?
Bunk: Friday night will be at Great Slates. 2 OClock opening day it starts there till whenever. Outside band, food served outside. 8 OClock it moves inside go right on till closing time.
Winslow: Cool.
Bunk: Saturday, it moves over to Sailwinds, opens up at 11, runs till 11. 3 different DJs during the day, then some bands, a band out of Ocean City called Half Link.
Winslow: Um hmm.
Bunk: They start playing at 3 till 6:30, then Bird Dog and The Road Kings come in play from 7 to 10:30, and during the whole day will be bike jousts, the burnout pit, theres gonna be the hotdog bite contest.
Winslow: The weenie bite contest, cool.
Bunk: Theyll be what I call spectator sports all day, girls washing bikes in bikinis.
Winslow: Awesome.
Bunk: Theyll be guided bike tours out to blackwater refuge, out that way.
Winslow: Some great riding out there. We went back there to the bar, ummm, Docksiders Bar and Grill, real nice place.
Bunk: Yeah, Saturday there will be a group of guys taking people on different tours, out that way and over to Hurlok and such.
Winslow: Oh, ok.
Bunk: Let em see Dorchester county. About every hour and a half will be a different crew taking people out.
Winslow: Thats a neat idea.
Bunk: Yeah. Invite people from out of town, they come and see Cambridge and thats it, but we have alot more to offer. They should see some of the backroads, like back by Hurlok and all.
Winslow: Thats some pretty riding back there.
Bunk: It is. And your from the city it should be pretty awesome. Two of the hotels have called me and told me they are sold out already.
Winslow: Oh realy? I just got my room today. Im so glad I did that. I wanted to do the Hyatt, but they were like $250 a night, a little stuff for me. I\\\'ll be there Thursday through Sunday. I saw on your site you will have a bunch of the builders coming out. I talked to Bob Wolfe, they all seem real excited.
Bunk: Bob was here yesterday for the comercial.
Winslow: Cool.
Bunk: We had Cory Hill from MTS, which MTS is paying for the comercials, we had the general manager from channel 16, they are going to run a certain amount of comercials for us, I didnt mean to do this this way, but it worked out real good, we had representatives of all kinds of bikers there for the comercial.
Winslow: Ok.
Bunk: Then we had our guy, on his sport bike. We had the whole variety of people there.
Winslow: Thats cool.
Bunk: Bob brought a couple of his bikes over, they did the comercials around those bikes.
Winslow: Nice. He does some real nice work. I like that Silver and Black one he did.
Bunk: He brought that and the drag bike over. Bobs a great guy and hes put alot of work into this also, I want to make sure he does real well with it.
Winslow: Oh yeah. He told me they would be running the burnout pit and a few other things for you.
Bunk: His group is putting the time in, he deserves the recognition.
Winslow: No doubt.
Bunk: Well, its about having fun and making sure that little boy gets the money he needs.
Winslow: Surely. I heard a little about him, what is his name?
Bunk: Steven Benjamin.
Winslow: What does he have?
Bunk: He is through the worst part of the cancer, but in the process hes developed what they call corpsis collision. (Editors Note: Im not sure if that came out right, they tape is a bit muddled.)
Winslow: Uh huh.
Bunk: Which is a peice of tissue that joins the two halves of the brain together has had some problems with development.
Winslow: Ok.
Bunk: There is a test that has to be done, part of it can be done here, part has to be sent overseas.
Winslow: Ok. Pretty expensive stuff I take it.
Bunk: The doctors at Johns Hopkins have helped us find ways to cut costs but...
Winslow: I see. Are you connected with any of the cancer foundations or...?
Bunk: No, you go through them you have no idea where the money is going, they determine where the funds go.
Winslow: Ahh, I see. Thats good that you are doing it that way.
Bunk: We have formed a nonprofit, there is a board appointed, eventually what we hope to do is that this will be as big as bikeweek, we can move it around some, different counties on the Eastern Shore, find out what families need the help the most.
Winslow: Thats an awesome idea. On your attendance last year, did you see a pretty wide range of biker types?
Bunk: Oh Yeah, you can take a look, my wife makes a collage every year of the event.
Winslow: Ok cool.
Bunk: Its not all rice burners, its not all harleys, its not all cruisers, its a good mix. Theres one guy who is disabled he comes on a trike.
Winslow: Nice.
Bunk: Its all types of bikers.
Winslow: Thats alot of what we are trying to do, make it all about everyone who rides, not just this or that person or type of biker or bike.
Bunk: Everyone can have fun.
Winslow: Thats right! If you can have fun and benefit a good charity, so much the better. Sounds like its going to be a really fun event.
Bunk: It should be.
Winslow: Well, Im gonna plug you guys on the site as best I can and I plan on being here the whole weekend, let me know if there is anything we can do to help. I think its awesome to have something as a counterpoint to bikeweek. Bikeweek is in September, this is in June, its in something other than Ocean City, thats awesome.
Bunk: Oh yeah.
Winslow: Dont get me wrong, Ocean City id great, but it isnt the only thing the Eastern Shore has to offer.
Bunk: Its a shame, alot of people dont know.
Winslow: Tell me about the lot you are trying to setup.
Bunk: Oh yeah, Donna and I, when we first started talking, we thought we had found one, but zoning problems, it didnt meet all the standard codes. It has to be so many miles form population, so many miles from animals, so many miles from the highway.
Winslow: Oh realy?
Bunk: We thought we had it all done, then all of a sudden they pulled it up in the court records as they were getting ready to give us a permit, they found out back in 1920 it was designated a hunting reserve.
Winslow: Oh, so they nixed it on that basis?
Bunk: We are now back to square one trying to find a place.
Winslow: So what is it you want to do? Set up an offroad area for kids and such to have fun?
Bunk: A place for people to bring thier kids and play, run thier ATVs, setup campsites and camp on the weekends.
Winslow: Are you trying to stay here in Dorcester or..?
Bunk: Well, we want to stay close to the shop, within a 20 mile radius.
Winslow: Nice. What would something like that cost?
Bunk: We would have to run it as a club in order to not force us to cover it as a commercial enterprize.
Winslow: Ok.
Bunk: We just have to make sure it meets all the codes.
Winslow: I bet theres alot of codes for something like that.
Bunk: I dont understand em all, we just have to meet em.
Winslow: Well, I wish you the best of luck with that.
Bunk: Thanks.
Winslow: Well, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. .
Bunk: Not a problem.

After the interview, I hung out a bit and met a couple of sport bike riders who just happened to be out front. Very nice guys, they take just as much pride as any Harley owner in thier rides. They posed for a few pics before I headed out... Be sure you get down to Choppers on the Choptank June 2 to the 4th! Its one of the events there is a heavy buzz about in the Delmarva biker community, is for a great local cause and promises to be ONE OF THE EVENTS OF THE SUMMER!

See ya on the road!
- Steven Winslow

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