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Ree and Winslows Easter Adventure
04/16/06 - Steven Winslow
Click on image for full size PopUp.

Some of Jacks bikes out on 113.

Why doesnt my sportie look like this? *LOL*

These are some cool guys we met for the first time.

Jack and Barb, our impromtu hosts.

Secret road to Harborside past HDOC... Shhhh....

Some great scenery on this short ride...

Some nice gentle turns on this backroad...

We stopped at Trader Lees for a quick drink!

This was the Jacks to Harborside crew!

Sexy ladies at Harborside Happy Hour!

Winslow with the crew at Harborside...

Sometimes you meet the strangest people...

Crowded Outhouse provided entertainment!

Wow, Its a great day for a ride! - Ree
Yeah, lets go have an adventure! - Winslow

Ok, so that quote wasnt 100% on the mark, its pretty close. :) Ree needed a new helmet for warm weather riding and I wasnt aware of any events happening, so on Easter Saturday when the weatherman was calling for the first 80+ degrees day of the year, we decided to head out and see what we could find. We checked a few of the local shops just to find them closed, so on an off chance we decided to stop into a small unassumuing place on the west side of Rt 113 just south of Dagsboro that had a simple sign up that read Harley Davidsons for sale. There were about a dozen bikes parked out by the highway. We had no idea what was happening or who we would meet, but isnt that the core of the whole biker thing?

Anyway, We pulled in and took a look at was out there, a very nice selection of bikes including a 2003 Indian with 13 miles on it, a full custom, a couple of dressers and an odd assortment of other bikes, all in great shape, mostly Harleys. As we finished up looking the bikes over, a very friendly guy asked me if Id like a hotdog or a hamburger. HELL YEAH, the awesome breakfast Ree cooked me was a few hours old and the ole budda belly was growling and ready for a snack, so I gladly took him up on the offer. Little did I know, this was the one and only Jack of Jacks place!

As I stood there munching my dog, I got to know one of the friendliest openest guys I have met on my long strange journey riding my Sportie. I told him why were out and he was kind enough to let Ree have one of his old helmets, a good fit for her. Jack works a very unique corner of the Harley Market, checking EBay and other ad sources for Harleys for sale, buying them up, bringing them to Delmarva and making sure they are in tip top shape and then reselling them for a reasonable profit. This guy is one straight up dude, and one of the people thats makes me proud to work this site. Its real easy when you run into the money grubbers out there to get discouraged and say, Why the fuck am I doing this? but then, you meet a guy like Jack and you know its all worth while!

After talking a bit, Jack let me know that he was organizing a ride to Harborside, a west OC hotspot through the backroads, something I couldnt pass up... Ree and I had a few things to take care of, but we were back there and ready to go for the ride! It took a little bit to get organized, but when we rode out, it was Ree and I on my Sportie, Jack and Barb on Jacks Indian, and two friends of Jacks on a Custom and a Triumph. Guys, I owe you each a beer for forgetting your names! *LOL* Anyways, we headed down to first Trader Lees and then Harborside via the backroad from HDOC to the west OC harbor. That is one sweet ride through some of the nicest backroads that Delmarva has to offer! Its all open fields, gentle curves (just be aware there are curves, right Jack?) and little traffic. Take your time, be carefull and maintain a respectfull space with the bike in front of you for one of the best rides on Delmarva!

We stopped in Trader Lees for a drink, then headed over to Harborside. Both were rockin, with Harborside having the Crowded Outhouse Accoustic Duo playing some awesome tunes! The crowd was friendly and unassuming save some poor old soul who seemed to get fixated on Ree and Barb from the moment we walked in, LOL. We had a few beers, I pryied the old guy off of Ree, took some pics of the crowd having fun, then it was a ride home back the same way. I tried to get a few girls there to flash, but they were just teasing, LOL. Maybe next time you wont be bluffing!

Long story short, it was one truly rockin and unexpected adventure on Delmarva! Jack and Barb and friends, thanks for showing this old biker and his girlfriend a good time! You make me proud to maintain the Delmarvabikers site!

The full set of pics from this adventure are here.

See ya on the Road,
Steven Winslow

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