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Abate Benefit Tilgman Island 06
04/09/06 - Steven Winslow
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Sign out front of Abate Event.

It rained like hell off and on!

Abaters PJ and Pockets greeted everyone coming in!

The bar was packed the whole time...

The bar was packed the whole time...

Down Bound Train proivided the live music.

Even the kids got in on the act!

Abate setup some tents for show bikes.

Some pretty nice customs were in attendance!

Even the Metrics came out!

The Twin Iron Customs crew was there and rockin!

The Twin Iron Customs crew was there and rockin!

I think Bob Wolf decided enough was enough!

TIC came loaded for bear!

Bobs custom was a deffinate hit!

The TIC guys were fun to meet and hang with!

Ree and Me had a blast! Thanks ABATE!

You know what were gonna do if it rains? GET WET! - Winslow

Like most spring events on Delmarva, this past Saturday was a real crap shoot for ABATE. When I got up that morning, I was really hoping the clouds would clear off for just a bit so that the 1st Annual Tilgman Island event hosted by ABATE would be well attended. All the organizations and events I have been to have been major productions, well organized with big money on the line for the people who put them on. Rain or shine seems to be a major factor in attendence, so you always hope these guys get that perfect weekend.

Unfortunately, our infamous Delmarva weather once again didnt cooperate. I was a bit leary riding out, not knowing what we would find (if anything) when we got there. Ive been to events where when it rains everyone seems to get kinda bummed and the event just fizzles from lack of enthusiasm. Little did I know, this event was going to be VERY different!

Ree and I rode out, chatting and praying for the rain to break... It just seemed to pour more and more as we got closer and closer to the event, but we pressed on... When we got there, we found a fully packed bar, band jamming and some of the friendliest people I have ever met!

As it turned out, the rain didnt stop these guys from putting on a great show and get together for all who attended! Everywhere I looked people were smiling and laughing, making new friends and trying to keep warm in the chill April air! It was pretty cool to see, all types of bikers mixing together to help out a great cause that benefits all of us more than we probably realize. ABATE is that great group of unsung heroes that makes sure our lawmakers in Annapolis dont forget us. Guys and girls, anytime you can make one of thier shindigs its sure to be a good one come hell or high water! A special thanks to PJ and Pockets of ABATE for making Ree and I feel very welcome!

There were a few hard core guys that rode out including one all the way from Rock Hall! (Dude, shoot me an email so I can give ya credit for being the ballsiest dude at the party!) HD of Seaford was there with some bikes to show as well as some independants showing off thier rides and with the rain the few vendors that were there got moved inside.

One very nice surprize for us was the crew from Twin Iron Cycles. Id heard of these guys from the grapevine and thier work is truly outstanding! With all that goes on in the Spring for the local builders, you have to give them props for coming out for a good cause on a weekend theyd probably rather be in bed. The crew was all there, smiling broudly showing off thier awesome rides and making new friends. Bob even pulled out a pretty sweet ride he built himself. Check out the pics to the right, this is one saahhwwweeeet ride and was one of the hits of the event. They let me take a peek inside the trailer and snap off a few of some of the rides they brought along! NICE STUFF TIC!

Thanks to ABATE, Twin Iron Cycles, Down Bound Train, HD of Seaford, Lee from Chesapeake Christian Riders, the crazy dude from Rock Hall and everyone else we had fun with Saturday! Be sure you keep an eye on the calander here at delmarvabikers.com for the next ABATE event, Im sure it will be a great one no matter what the weather!

Full set of event pics can be found here.

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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