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Winslow gets his first Ink!
04/02/06 - Steven Winslow / Pics by Ree
Click on image for full size PopUp.

Independant Tatoo in Fenwick Island

Pretty cool shop.

Dam, thats an awefull lot of fine print!

Yep, I let this guy Tatoo me! Jay Rocks!

You sure this wont hurt? Much?

Yes Virginia, Fat guys get Tatoos too.

Kinda messy process!

Kinda messy, but still no blood that I noticed...

Jay doin his thing! I couldnt stop laughing...!

Some original Jay Art,

Outline almost done.

Getting there...

Filling it in!

This was the only part that really stung...

Finished Tatoo, not bad, huh?

You sure you want to do this? - Ree

Ok, I freely admit it to anyone who asks. There are some things in this world I am mortaly afraid of... They include new born infants, people who drive like motorcycles are invisible, paper cuts to the eyeball, George Bush, my ex-mother in law (the scariest woman on earth, I swear it) and then there is... You guessed it! NEEDLES!!

However, Ive always been fascinated by Tatoos, and always wanted one. When I started this site I resolved to finaly set aside my phobia and get one done to see what the experience was like! Ive shopped literally dozens of shops, but felt that a good testimonial from someone I trust was the way to go. Ree has a couple tatoos from these guys and they all looked like quality work to me. In the end, I can honestly say it was a blast! Ree suggested Independent Tatoo and this past Saturday we were off! The choice turned out to be an excellent one!

When we went in, we were lucky enough to end up with Jay as our Artist du jour, and I have to say this is one fun guy to get a tatoo from. Only thing I regret was not bringing my tape recorder to pickup some of this guys banter. He had me laughing the whole time, very worried that I might end up screwing up something as he kept up a steady pace tatooing me! *LOL* Seriously, Tatoos are this guys life!

Jays Tatoo booth is a pictorial and article all its own... The walls are decorated with everything from collector plastic figures from horror movies to a skeleton painted jesus and original artwork! Jay deffinately has that querky sense of humor that made me feel not only at home getting my skin pierced thousands of times by him, but that he takes pride in what he does. While I went for a pretty simple tribal arm band as my first forray, I was very confident Jay had the skills to do it exactly as it was illustrated.

All in all, I can honestly say the only part that I felt a wee bit uncomftorable with was the underarms. Everytime he hit me there I felt a real good sting from the tatoo gun. It was all good though, and took little more than maybe an hour to do. He had me bend in a few wierd postitions to get at the sides and underneath my arm, but again I felt confident he was doing a great job!

Im sure a new tatoo idea will hit me one of these days and I will be back to see Jay at Independant. If you are considering a tatoo, wether it is your first or a touch up or modification of an older one, stop in and see the guys at Independant. They do all types of tatooing from Tribals like I got to full back tatoos. Tell em Wins sent ya, Im sure you wont regret it!

Independant Tatoo is located at #3 Fenwick Island Station, Fenwick Island, DE. Thier phone number is (302)436-5581, call ahead for appointments or to check thier hours...

A BIG thanks to Ree for being patient while I got inked and taking pictures! YOU ROCK REE!

Got a cool bike you'd like to show off here at delmarvabikers.com? Like to write articles? Drop me a line and we'll see if we can hook ya up!


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