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MDRK3 Hosts Spring Opener
03/25/06 - Steven Winslow
Click on image for full size PopUp.

It wasnt the best day in Berlin for a ride...

A fair number showed up anyway

The OC Cruisers and Wheels
that Heal Car Clubs attended

The MDRK3 guys put on a great event dispite
the weather.

These are the lucky winners of the
Who Gets to Work the Hooters Stop contest

A good friend Robert servin em up hot!

Eastern Shore Natives - 3 Rivers Drum gave a great
dance demonstration honoring Vets and
Community Service Personel

It was fun watching everyone get into the act!

Its a family event with these guys!

It was fun watching everyone get into the act!

Rip Tied played the after run party at Trader Lees

These people were having a blast! It was
even fun taking thier picture!

Ree and Me... Aint she a sweetie?

Why didnt I ride? I can do Cold, and I can do Rain, but I cant do Cold and Rain... - Robert of MDRK3

All week long I kept an eye on the weather... I was realy hoping that MDRK3s first event of the season would be nice out, with some of the great weather that we have been enjoying off and on here on Delmarva. Alas, it wasnt to be. Saturday dawned cold and cloudy with some intermitent showers here and there moving through the area. Bummer I thought, but hell if these guys got the cajones to get out there and help out a local than so do I!

As it turned out, MDRK3s Spring Opener was well attended and a great event despite the weather! The event was cohosted by Maryland Red Knights 3, OC Harley Davidson, The Eastern Shore Natives - 3 River Drum, The Ocean City Cruisers and The Wheels that Heal car clubs. All clubs were well represented and the ride was open to not only bikes but cars as well. The organizers of the event allowed participants to score thier hands completely at HDOC, which I think was one smart move. A few hard core riders did do the event on thier bikes, but yours truly decided that discretion was the better part of not catching Pnemonia and took his Camaro through the event...

Stops were at Sussex County Choppers, Ace Cycles, Rt 54 Uncle Whillies, Hooters and Trader Lees. Everyone I met was friendly and cheerfull and glad to be out helping a good cause. All of the event hosts did an awesome job making everyone feel welcome. I think most everyone was just happy to be out at the first event of the season and for a good cause.

The Eastern Shore Natives - 3 Rivers Drum did a traditional tribal dance dedictated to veterans and community service personel. It was good to see these people get some recognition for the work they do for all of us! The dance for this group is truly a family afair and included everyone from the smallest child to the oldest grandparent, some in costumes and all smiling broadly. The drumming and chanting realy gave the demonstration an authentic feel as the leaders brought our community heros into the circle and all danced!

There was also an auction of many donated items from the community including museum quality indian artwork, hand crafted jewelry and many other valuable items. Even though it was raining, the crowd was in high spirits and it appeared that they were able to raise some much needed money.

Having witnessed this event and a few others in our area, I cant speak highly enough of our local biker groups. MDRK3 and HDOC always host good clean quality events! Dont ever be afraid to bring your kids and families out for some good clean fun for a good cause! Keep an eye on the calander here or at thier respective sites for thier upcoming events...

By the way, the after run party at Trader Lees was also pretty cool. Rip Tied provided the music for a fairly large crowd despite the cold and wet. Trader Lees is deffinately on the TO DO list for our area, so be sure to stop in and say hello to the great crew there. I was lucky enough to be able to get Ree out for this one, and I know she had a great time! Thanks for joining me Ree, maybe next time we will get some nice weather for the ride!

See ya on the Road!
Steven Winslow

A full set of pics of this event can be found here.

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