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Just wanted to say hi... Been awhile... Looking forward to getting re-acquainted with old friends and meeting all the new members...
"Wind in my face...Two fists in the air...Not a care in the world!!!"
Hey Tattoo!  Been a bit of a ghost town here of late, *LOL*.  There is always hope for the future...  I do find it funny though that DMVB has been copied in a couple of places and one of the "Biker Mags" even copied or paraphrased our "By, for and about".  Funny, they never quite seem to measure up to us in our heyday, that is for sure!

Da Wins
Still alive and kicking somewhere on Delmarva...
I'm back too!
I hope to make some connections and lead them over to www.abateofde.com and our cheezy Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/34904015...rk_t=group
Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reason.
Facebook...  Kinda killed this site, that is for sure...  May do something new with it soon, have some ideas...  And no, the forums and all the parts some people like will not be going away!  If you guys come up with any ideas, please post them!

FB has put a hurtin' on the sites that I run too, but I try to publish up to my sites first, then steer traffic back from FB over to them.
I'm seeing a huuuuuge surge in internet acccess in the last year with users that are going online via smartphones, when prior to FB's resurgence they would've not been able to due to the price of a new PC, its daunting intimidation of learrning how to keep their systems healthy, or having the imagination to buy a used unit.
I hate to say it, but these newer users are just able to function with their smartphones.
delmarvabikers.com and it's forum will always be your anchor.
This is where I stand now;
www.soeastbiker.com My personal site
Facebook Admin of ABATE of Delaware
Facebook Admin of Abate Delaware (to connect with all MRO's coast to coast and direct any or all to FB's ABATE of Delaware)
My two personal FB accounts.
Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reason.
Yeah, Im still doing ABATEofMD.org, Twinironcustoms.com (Example site, business has shutdown, desides, that domain name may sell someday) and a few others.  After loosing my job, I just got too busy to do anything.  I need to do a rewrite on delmarvabikers, its just pretty dated at the moment.  Perhaps we should do a link exchange at some point.  Im sure it coudlnt hurt either one of our endevours...

Getup with me steve...slooney77@outlook.com ....asap thanks, Sherry

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