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Spring Bike Fest
I have been coming to the fall event ever since the first one. This year my friends suggested tring out the spring event since we all have decided to not go to Myrtle Beach anymore. Aince this would be the firs time we will attend the spring event, I'm looking for comments from those who have been there last year. Good time or not? Places to avoid, etc.
The Spring event is still growing slowly.
Vietnam Vets M/C
Hoopers, Oasis and Traders all went strong last year.  Betting the same this year.  Like Gunner says, seems like every year it gets a little bigger.  I particularly liked Hoopers.  Had some good vendors, food and the location is pretty cool right at the Rt 50 bridge.  Traders does its standard thing with Loud Love playing all weekend.  Very cool way to kick off the season!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Thanks guys for the info. Looks like I'll be there twice this year. Spring and fall.
And a whoole bunch of times in between, usually every other weekend.

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