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3rd Week of Sept on Delmarva - YAYS and NAYS.
Thought i would try something new this year...  Lets all share our YAYS or things that were cool or we liked and NAYS what we didnt like about this years BIG EVENT.  By the way, with the new players on the scene and so much happening, I feel like calling it "Bikeweek" or "Bike Fest" is a disservice to one group or another, so....  I will refer to it as "3rd Weekend of Sept on Delmarva"

YAY - The new event in the inlet adds something to the whole event if you ask me.  The vendors were your normal run of the mill lot, some good quality stuff, event food and of course Mike's was very promenent (BIG sponsor - good job Mikes!).  They had the stunt bikes, which I always love.  If you havnt seen them, be sure to catch them sometime, they are incredibly talented.  I dont mind paying a cover of $15 for name acts like Rare Earth and The Guess Who.  They even had a drawing for a new sportie as a bonus!  Good Job!

YAY - Oasis Poker Run - They had a nice run setup for a childrens charity with a $500 and $1000 first prize.  Well worth the time imo.  The best part?  The fee was a suggested $20!  Too cool!  This gives those that cant afford a $20 fee a chance to run, which is very cool!  What did I pay?  Even though I KNEW I wasnt going to win, I happily chipped in the suggested $20!  Way to go Oasis Poker Run Team!

YAY - Atlantic Hotel.  Always my favorite, and they didnt disappoint this year!  A great place to park your bike during bikeweeks down by the boardwalk and all the action.  Interesting vendors, TONS of people, great music, THE burnout pit for Ocean City, you just cant beat it!  A $5 parking charge here is well worth it - you know your bike is being watched, TONS of stuff going on close by and they provide plenty of entertainment.

NAY - Seems like more places are charging covers...  Im sorry but I honestly feel like you need to supply something more than local bands and vendors to justify a cover.  Oasis added a $1 cover, which I thought was a little annoying.  Nothing on thier schedule of events looked special or new, no giveaways to mention and normal lineup of vendors.  Dont get me wrong, I love the Oasis, just hate the idea of a cover for not much in return.  Some of us like to get around, seeing all the sights, and covers for these types of events just dont sit well with that especially with all the places that dont charge a cover.

NAY - Everywhere I go, its getting to be the same ole same ole...  Freaking micromanaging parking lot kids!  Ok, there are a ton of bikes in town.  Alot of these places have very small lots, so small that they have to maximize the space as best they can.  All that I FULLY understand.  However, dont ask me to park 1/4 mile from the venue when there are tons of spots open right next to your event.  Its tough, no doubt, but have some faith in us bikers promoters.  We pay bucco bucks for our rides, last thing we want to do is see it damaged or blocked in!

NAY - I wont mention names here, but I was actually charged $4 for a 20 oz ice tea!  No alcohol, not even fresh made, just a run of the mill 20 oz bottle of Pepsi company (Lipton I think) ice tea.  This is not the way to keep people coming to your event!  LOTS of people were complaining about it.  I know it takes a ton of cash to make these things happen, and I for one dont begrudge a smart business person a chance to make a buck, but you dont have to RAPE us to make a few dollars!

YAY - I actually saw an Ocean City motorcycle cop in a good mood!  Those guys have an incredibly tough job and get very little recognition for all you do for us bikers, especially during bike events.  Im sure its not alot of the cops favorite duty.  We came out on the highway and got behind a cop making his rounds and he actually gave us a smile.  He talked some with some other people that were close to us and I truly felt good that he was there.  A bike got dropped very close to where we were and he was right there on the spot helping out.  To be honest, I didnt see a single cop in a bad mood or unhappy to be where he was, which is unusual for this event.  Good work OCPD!  Concentrating on public safety / serious law enforcement and letting the little stuff like loud pipes and tag mountings go makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone!  I didnt hear a single complaint about the cops this year which is VERY unusual!

As always, PLEASE add your comments to this thread.  I know at least one promoter is a regular reader here (Ive had to defend myself more than once, LOL).  If we want to see change, its important to voice our opinions, and DMVB is one place to do it!

- Steven Winslow -
Well weather for Delmarva sucked. Still made the best of it though. Wondering if the guy who put on the inlet deal made any cash. I was there twice and there never was a very big crowd. Didnt make Sat. night for blue oyster cult show, how was the crowd ?  Oh well hope next years weather is better.
Good idea on the yeas and nays. Maybe the promotors and/or vendors will read this and take notice.

NAY to the high price of run of the mill sodas, etc. I, along with the group I ride with just won't pay $4.00 a bottled soda, etc. Instead of making a reasonable profit on a $2.00 soda, you end making nothing on a $4.00 soda, high priced burger, etc. We rode down late Friday morning, about 20-22 people on 18 bikes - prime lunch time. We walked around the Salisbury sites for a while, then split for lunch. Not at the bike venues, but further in towards Salisbury where the the prices stayed the same as they were before bike week. I don't like to be taken for a ride because someone thinks I am a captive audience.

NAY to the parking lot at Winterplace Farms. Those big stones in the lot are killers. I made up my mind several years ago that if I have to park on those stones I'll just go somewhere else.

NAY - Everywhere I go, its getting to be the same ole same ole...  Freaking micromanaging parking lot kids!  I was waved past open spots so I could park at the far end of the lot. Now, if the parking was managed correctly these spots would have been gone anyway, but there they were and some flag waving Ninja was having his day in the sun.

Seems like I have a lot to complain about lately, but most everything else about bike week I enjoyed. Thanks to the promotors for taking the time and effort to put on two great events on Delmarva.

Burt Q
Nay to the Prices of drinks. NON -ALCOHOLIC DRINKS $4.  That is a definate rape!!!!

Yah to the Inlet!!! It was fifteen dollars to get in for the weekend and believe me I was the first skeptic of this guy coming in.  But I have to admit it was well done, and I am glad to have paid the money.  It was organized and hassle free.  Very, Very nice having the tent adjacent to the beach where I watched the waves crash on the rocks to the rhythm of "The Guess Who".  As a "Benny" I paid less money on the food at Boog Powell's Pit beef (excuse the spelling), than at Purdue stadium.  Hell one Dr. Pepper there was half the cost of my filling fantastic Huge pit beef sandwich.  Finally, you could fill the day by doing a nice day ride, head up to the inlet, watch a National act, and very nice to be in the midst of all the action after the show.  There was a lot to see and felt nice to sit somewhere where you could rest from a days ride and not feel the itch to go somewhere else.... Until Loud Love plays at Traders of course...but that if for another Yah.

Yah to the police? Okay I said it....and I mean it.  This truly was the first year I did not feel harassed by the police force.  You could see their presence but somehow it felt friendly and helpful instead of menacing and scary.  I don't know if someone came in and gave additional training to their force or if there is someone new in command. Whichever the case, I believe the change in attitude made this event go a lot smoother and possibly with less incident.

Nay to the Weather channel who did not issue a warning of the tornado/water spout (at least not to my knowledge).  The pattern showed a definite hook in the end which should have been issued as a tornado warning.  I have the alerts service set up on my computer and when I went home that night found none. Would be interested if anyone got a warning who is signed up for this service.  However the radar did keep me dry all Weekend. (He he). So I guess they do get a Yah as well!!!

Yah to all the wonderful people who attended the event and rode true in the adversity of the weather!!!!
yay to the whole event. I've been to alot of events and OC is always at the top of my list. Daytona is number 1 ( n ot having been to sturgis). Just so much to do.

Nay to the weather ,
Yah to the cops.  They were cool this year.

Yah to the bars: Fish Tales, Seacrets, de Lazy Lizard, etc.

Nay to Purple Moose: $20 cover?  You've got to be kidding me.

Nay to Winter Park lots: dangerous

Nay to $3.50 water.  I asked one lady if at least some of the $$ was going to a cause: No

Yah to the inlet: great first year despite the crappy weather

Nay to weather: wtf?  is it going to rain every year?

Yah to HD of Seaford; very organized

Yah to Jimmy's in Fenwick; you can get in and out for breakfast in like 20 minutes; went there every day

Yah to my new bike; it kicked ass

Yah to Lite me up Cycles; hooked me up with LEDs

Nay to the losers that think you can race in traffic.  No wonder there were so many accidents

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2002 Yamaha FZ1-sold
Yay to the whole event... Bike Week Rocks and we appreciate all the hard work put into making this one of the best events happening this year.

Yay to The Caribbean Bar for charging us a dollar for a coke instead of trying to raise the price for bike week.

Yay to Ocean City for letting us park free instead of trying to make a buck for a space.

In fact there are no Nays

Everywhere we went we were treated really great !!

Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen !


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