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Schaeffer Dies.
One of my favorite all time Maryland Poltical Statements:

"I'll be damned if Im sending public funding to the shithouse side of Maryland!" - William Schaeffer

From the Wiki on the Don:

Detractors remind the public that, in the winter of 1991, Gov. Schaefer compared Maryland's Eastern Shore to an outhouse (he referred to the region as a "shithouse"). When the remark circulated, Eastern Shore residents erupted in protest.

Detractors?  That sounds a bit biased.  The man said it, you are a detractor if you remind people about it?  Comon...

There's some interesting stuff on the Wiki for "Don":


Seems he was quite controversial in his day.

Godspeed Schaeffer.  Maybe you can harrass the Devil's staffers...

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