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IMXSailor and Country Angel Accident
Early this evening, 9/5, Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, IMXSailor and Country Angel were on thier way home from the ABATE MidShore Labor Day event when they were both struck from behind by a pickup truck that "did not see them".  The word I got was that the light had just turned green, they were starting to pull out and the pickup truck never slowed down.  No rumors of any type of impairment on anyone's part.

I was at the hospital tonight, PGH / Salisbury, and both were quoted as "Stable".  At this time, thier injuries do not appear to be life treatening.  There were several people there visiting and more on the way, so I decided not to create more preasure by trying to get in to see them.  I was told Terri is very sore down her right side, but no broken bones.  Mark is much more serious and was being taken in for surgery on one of his legs while I was there.

Mark and Terri have always been good friends and BIG supporters of this site.  Please join me in wishing them a speedy recovery and I will post more information as I get it.

- Steven Winslow -
Prayers Mark and TeriLyn. Very sorry to hear this

Love you guys
Man, that sucks, thanks for the info Steve.
Vietnam Vets M/C
Putting them in the prayer circle.  Please keep us posted.
I wanna go out peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather.  Not kicking & screaming like his passengers.
UPDATE:  I spoke with Terr and Beth, they tell me that Terri is very sore and having trouble walking.  She will be fine, no broken bones and is scheduled to see a theropist shortly.  Mark was taken in for surgery this am.  His right foot and leg were broken in several places and will require pins and major surgery.  He also suffered several broken ribs and a punctured spleen with internal bleeding.

More details as I get them.

just got back from hospital... Mark is still in surgery... Terilyn is still waiting to see PT.  Planning on going back when Mark gets out of surgery!  I live near the hospital so if you are coming to visit from a distance let me know...
Damn...Sorry to hear that... Prayers to ya both...I hadn't heard...Hope everything goes fine. Sorry for the jumble of words, I'm just in shock!!!
"Wind in my face...Two fists in the air...Not a care in the world!!!"
Heaven will hear our prayers for you. You both are super people

Always awful to hear of such a thing and they r good people, Thanks out to naughty angel for making me aware of how things were goin. Bones will heal, bikes can be replaced, hopeing for a fast recovery for u guys.
life's short, laugh often Steveo
My thoughts and prayers to both Terilyn and Mark!!!  Let me know if there is anything we can do for them.

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