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Prayers Please
Long time HD rider Scott Mckinley of Newark went down Sat nite when a car pulled in front of him.
Diagnosis is not looking good. Please keep him and his wife Debbie in your prayers.
Very sorry to hear this.  Hope they both pull through ok and will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

- Steve -
Always saddens me to hear someone went down. I will pray for Scott and his family. Watch out for crazies in cages... cuz they sure don't watch out for us... Sad
Blessings, Terry Smile
My prayers are there!  I hate to hear that one of our brothers and sisters went down because of the A holes out there claiming they didn't see us. 

We need to have a law passed about our pipes!!!!  We have to change our pipes to go thru inspection because they are too loud.  I just had to do it this week.  This is an insane law!!!!!  They don't see us, but dang it they sure as heck sure hear us!  I have come to a practice of making myself heard if I have to be next to someone or am coming up on an intersection lately, after losing my dear dear friend Michael July 2nd and then with what happened with Terilyn and Mark.... it's stupid out there.  It is insane, these people getting away with saying they didn't see us and crap.  Put your thinking caps on guys and let's figure out what we can do to these people or what kind of law we can take care of for them claiming they don't see us.

Michael's killer is running the roads still going 100 mph down Denny's road.  He has almost taken out an Amish buggy and a freind of mine in his mustang just this past week.  He needs to be stopped.  We need to come up with a law to protect us somehow from these lieing A holes.
They did pass the Right of Way law here in Maryland.  The word I got was the first case to be brought under the law the violator got away because the cop didnt show up to court.  The cop was not at fault, there was a clerical error and he was not informed when to be there.  Long story short, we need more people prosecuted under this law.  Keep making noise and telling people about it.  That is what gets things moving - word of mouth!

- Steve -
just read the post very sorry hear when something like that happens to any of us. lot,s of prayers coming their way !

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