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G Man of Star Touring Group Injured
> Sent: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 12:56 pm
> Subject: Prayers
> Good Morning All,
> As some of you may already know,  during Chapter 365's Saturday ride
> to the Union Hotel in Port Deposit, Md.
> Chapter member Gordon Ward  went down as a result of trying to avoid a
> HUGE Buzzard that flew into his path.
> Depending on how you like to look at things, he was lucky.  He ended
> up in a drainage ditch that due to all of the rain we've had lately
> was muddy and "soft",  As opposed to the unforgiving asphalt that he
> could have landed on.
>  Anyone who has been to the Union Hotel will understand that the road
> it's on,  while being two lanes,  is still narrow and heavily wooded
> on both sides with many huge rocks that are hidden by plant growth. 
> Additionally,  it is highly traveled by cars, trucks and alot of
> motorcycles,  and the speed limit on this particular section is 50
> MPH!  This could have turned out very badly but fortunately did not! 
> Gordon broke his fibula and tibula (ouch), and will be having surgery
> today (Sunday)  at Harford Memorial to have a plate and a few screws
> installed.
> We at 365 ask that you keep "G Man" in your thoughts and prayers at
> this time and wish him a speedy recovery.  He is a "Charter" member
> and has been with us since day one!  He also holds the Treasurer
> position in our chapter and is really great guy!
> Anyone wishing to send cards,  email me or call and I will give you
> address.
> Ride Safe!
> Rik Rommel, Pres.
> S.T.A.R Chapter 365
> Delmar,  Md.

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