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Lou Dorbert - "Snuffy" - Patriot Guard Rider
Hey Guys & Gals,

I've had some very sad news passed onto me this afternoon.  Our friend
and fellow patriot, Lou Dorbert - whom you all knew as "Snuffy"  passed
away earlier today after attending a Memorial Day ceremony at Dulaney
Valley Memorial Park.  After participating in the event,  he went home
and suffered a massive heart attack.

Snuffy - along with his wife Betty  in the sidecar -  had become
fixtures at so many of our missions.  Just last week, many of you saw
him in Federalsburg standing for young Michael Yates, and using his
sidecar for a water cooler.  The country has lost another patriot, and
we have lost a dear friend.

Please keep Lou's wife Betty in your thoughts and prayers.  We will keep
you informed as to our participation in  honoring this great veteran and


Clay Tarpley
Patriot Guard Riders
Regional Captain/Capital Region
Sharptown, MD
Sad news indeed. I don't need to know someone on a personal level nor do I ever need to meet em to know the grief a sudden passing brings to family and friends. His loved ones, both family & friends, are in my thoughts and prayers. Terr
Blessings, Terry Smile

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