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Thanks to all for prayers and well wishes during hospital stay. Im feeling more like my old pre JAN self after being sick and gradually getting worse the last 4 months
I know whats wrong now and with good docs its getting taken care of. In time I will be good as new. Now its time to get back to working out and getting my fat ass back to my OCT weight or less. less would be nice, and my body back in the shape i would like it.
See you at events, rides and on the road
Ride safe and with the wind to your back ride baby ride

Blake aka Eagle on BON
Glad you got a handle on things.  See you on the road.
I wanna go out peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather.  Not kicking & screaming like his passengers.
Glad to hear you're back on the up and up. See ya around somewhere soon....
"Wind in my face...Two fists in the air...Not a care in the world!!!"

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