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sunnbeachlvr medical update
Biker Family

Since Jan I have struggled with a host of various med issues.
On sun I admitted myself to Beebe Med Ctr  2 the ER in Lewes DE
Glad I did. I was near a serious seizure
Sodium count was 106 which is dangerously low
I also had some other side complications
ER admitted me have been here since

I have been stuck so many times lost count. Lost count of blood vials at 40
Hooked to IV sodium lost count of bags
MRI done Mon pm For those of u who have had a MRI u know its challenges. uggggghhhhh with my PTSD from Iraq complicated things I only got threw it with strength and grace of My Lord

Lots of test little answers MRI was neg so at least it ruled out I wasnt crazy Ha Ha
Most blood wrk neg. Waiting on other results. Sodium count as of about noon tues 117 still not good when normal is 130

more test wed blood work fun fun

pls pass on to OC Bike Riders

appreciate ur prayers Im in rm 534 Beebe
my adress is Blake Bowers
PO Box 414 Rehoboth Beach 19971

For those of u on BON my SN is Eagle
Thanks for your prayers

Hey Blake...
wow, saw this on Bon first...  hang in there.. feel better soon.  my prayers are with you, I hope you find out what the heck is going on soon!  Liz
OMG...  I had no idea!  Yo bro, hang in there!  Keep us posted on how it goes and if there is anything we can do to help you out.

Our prayers are with you!

- Steve -
I hope they find out whats wrong with ya, and get it worked out.

and thanks for serving.
Vietnam Vets M/C
I hope they getcha fixed up soon man...
"Wind in my face...Two fists in the air...Not a care in the world!!!"
Biker Family
I was releaased yesterday afternoon late.  My sodium count is up to a better functioning level but has a way to go. I have a way to go in gaining my strength. I'll be around and slowly but surely get back to being my old self.
Thanks family for well wishes and prayers
See ya on the road with the wind to my back
Glad to hear you're out and determined to hit the road again.  See you out there.  Ride safely.
I wanna go out peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather.  Not kicking & screaming like his passengers.

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