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Motorcycle Fatality Rt 13 + 30 Monday 2/2/2009
Recieved this in my inbox.  Anyone have any further information?  I hate to see anyone get hurt...

Hey Dave,

No I was not aware of this.  Very sad indeed.  If plans are made for a ride with the families consent, please let me know.  I will be happy to post it on the site.  Im pretty sure this is in DE right?  You may want to get up with the DE ABATE people and let them know what happened.  They are a great biker rights group and Im sure will take a great interest in how this turns out.

- Steven Winslow -

> I am sure you are aware of the motorcycle fatality that happened Monday
> afternoon at the 30&13 intersection.  I drove past the clean-up of the
> accident on my bike.  I can see the intersection from my home.  Not a nice
> thing to see this early in the year.  Have you been reading any of the
> comments on the local news websites? WBOC, delawareonline, delmarvanow. 
> I have been actively posting to defend the biker community, as have
> others.  There are some real morons on there and I thought you would find
> it interesting reading.  I would be nice to see an organized ride to the
> funeral if the family would welcome us.

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