Sad news for the delmarva bike scene...
06/23/08 - by Steven Winslow

Scott Quillan

Scott Quillan

I got some very sad news at the Federalsburg VFW event. Back when I first started, I met a very nice young man named Scott Quillan. Seems he had started a similiar site named He was apologetic, worried that I would be upset about some competition. To the contrary, I thought it was great to have a competing view on this great segment of our awesome community. His site offered alot of what we did, but with more of a conservative view.

Scott was a very friendly person, outgoing and doing something great for his community. Sadly, last winter, he suffered an arotal (sp?) annurism and died on December 2nd 2007. SE and I extend our most sincerest condolnces to Scotts entire family. Scott was a great and very talented webmaster and it was with great anticipation that I always looked forward to his writing.

By Steven Winslow

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