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Welcome to delmarvabikers.com!
Great run through some nice country! Cambridge 06


After a 6 year hiatus, DELMARVABIKERS.COM is back in business! Plan is to pick where we left off, start adding content and maybe revamping the site somewhat. We are looking to add a new forum that accepts Facebook integration, so please stay tuned for that! I have a ton of pics from the last 6 years to add to the site, so stay tuned for that as well! If you are interested in the whole story of what has been happening with DMVB for the last 6 years, you can read a full article here. What we need most at this time is any and all info on upcoming Delmarva biker events. It is my goal to make DMVB the place to go when looking for whats happening in our neck of the woods! Thanks, ride safe and see ya on the road! - Wins -

Comon in and grab a seat! There are cold beers in the fridge and some good ole Skynard playin on the box. Some more friends should be along shortly, SO LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED! Delmarvabikers.com is all about the Delmarva biker scene and all that goes along with it! Please take some time to look around, register for the forums and say hello! Everything here is 100% free! If you gotta bike you wanna sell, or want to buy one, we got a place just for ya! Need some service? We got ya covered! Looking for a cool place to hang out or something new to do on your ride? We got listings and maps of all kinds of stuff on Delmarva! By the way, dont be surprized if you see yourself in some of the pics on the site here, hehe. I been snappin pics at events since 2005! The shot to the right there is a random one from the site. Click on it to see another...

Please note - This website is a work in progress, so please check back often for updates.

Website Contact: Steven Winslow at: winslow [at] delmarvabikers [dot] com.

* * * W A N T E D * * *
Here at delmarvabikers.com we are in despirate need of the following:

Information on Dover, Wilmington, Kent Island, Millsboro, Seaford, Rehobeth, Princess Anne, Chincoteague, Eastern Shore of Va and all points in between biker events, shops, biulders, bars, resturants and various assorted points and events of interest. (Who says I cant write a good run on sentence? *LOL*) Seriously, we want to make this site a great resourse for area bike enthusiats, but we need YOUR help to make it the best! Please, write in and let us know your favorite biker stuff on Delmarva and we will get it posted ASAP!

Steven Winslow
* S I T E * R E G I S T R A T I O N *
Due to the unusualy high number of fake registrations, delmarvabikers.com has had to move to manual registration. Please send us an email at: winslow [at] delmarvabikers [dot] com and specify a username. We will set you up and email you with a login and random password. You will be able to then specify your own password and other forum settings.

We appreciate your patience. DMVB is slated for an upgrade including better protection from spammers in the near future. Please check back often for updates!

Steven Winslow


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